Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | What Is Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | What Is Post Concussion Syndrome

Often, a person who has a concussion, knows immediately that they will need to find concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, if their symptoms linger after three months.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

This is considered post concussion syndrome. And requires treatment, in order to resolve the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. These symptoms can be extremely varied, depending on what part of the brain was injured.

As well as how badly the brain was injured during the initial concussion. However, what makes this a lot more difficult and complex to treat. Is that some of the symptoms may not have shown up immediately after the injury.

While some symptoms of a concussion. Can show up immediately following the event. Other symptoms can take two weeks to surface. And if a person thinks that there injury was not significance.

If they have what they deem unrelated symptoms, two weeks later. They may not even realize. That they have post concussion syndrome at all. Therefore, finding a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Will not be on their radar at all. And they might think all they have to do is get more sleep. Take medicine for their headache. Or avoid looking at their digital screens so much.

As well, it is extremely likely. That a person will have damaged part of their vision system during a concussion. Because there are so many parts of the brain. That are related to vision.

That no matter what part of the brain was injured. Chances are there is a connection related to vision in that area. This is why the vision symptoms associated with a concussion.


Can be extremely varied, even seeming to be not related it all. To a person’s vision system. Some obvious symptoms, of a damaged vision system. That requires a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Include double vision, blurred vision. As well as dry eyes. That is caused by the part of the brain that regulates blinking being damaged. Some less obvious symptoms include headaches when focusing on things close up.

People losing their place while they are reading. Or having a hard time focusing. However, there also symptoms that seem completely unrelated to the vision system at all.

And these symptoms are caused by the brain struggling to process visual information. When the visual system has been damaged. These surprising symptoms include being dizzy, nauseous.

As well as having balance problems and light sensitivity. People might find that they are all of a sudden sensitive to motion. Or get motion sickness. Or have a hard time tolerating objects that are moving quickly around them.

For example, seeing the oncoming traffic, while they are driving, or are in a car. However, these symptoms indicate a damaged vision system. And it is not just important that they find any concussion treatment.

They need to find a neuro- optic rehabilitation program. By finding an optometrist, that has specialized in vision syndromes. People can do that, by calling vision by design in Edmonton. Not only do they have vision therapists on staff. They also specialize in post concussion rehabilitation. And can help people get back to normal.

Concussion treatment Edmonton | What Is Post Concussion Syndrome

Chances are quite high, that anyone who has suffered a concussion will need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. But what that treatment is exactly. Will depend on what part of their brain has been damaged. As well as how significant that damage is.

However, there is a very good chance. That people will have damaged part of their vision system during their injury. Even if the symptoms are not as obvious as they may expect.

In fact, most people will experience some symptoms. That indicates that their vision system has been damaged in their injury. And many people also may not realize.

That it can take up to two weeks for their symptoms to surface. And they can last for three months, before disappearing on their own. However, if their symptoms persist longer than three weeks after their injury.

This is now called a post concussion syndrome. And requires concussion treatment in Edmonton to resolve. However, finding the right treatment can be tricky. Especially due to the nature.

Of the vision system damage they had. And what symptoms they are experiencing. Some symptoms, that indicate a damaged vision system. Are very obvious, and therefore easy to diagnose and treat.

Such as blurred or double vision. However, other symptoms are less obvious. And might even have people not realizing that these are symptoms caused by their concussion in the first place.


These symptoms can include dizziness, balance problems and light sensitivity. Which is why it is always a good idea, to meet with the vision therapist, three months after a concussion.

Simply to find out, if there are any lingering effects caused by the concussion. That are indicated of other damaged vision system. If they do not find anything wrong, that can give people peace of mind.

However, if they do find that a person’s vision system is still damaged. It will allow them to find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. So that they can eliminate their difficulties.

And get back to living the life they did, before their concussion. The first thing they need to do. Is find a vision therapist. And while the Canadian optometrist’s website has a list of accredited vision therapists.

People can also call vision by design in Edmonton. Because they have vision therapists on staff. Will be more than happy to do the assessment, in order to find out. If someone has a damaged visual system.

Patients need to keep in mind, that this assessment is extremely in-depth. And can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours to complete. The assessment may be broken up into two sessions.

Depending on how well a person can tolerate the many different activities. That the vision therapist will be using. In order to determine if they have any damage to their vision system.

Once they finish the assessment. They will be able to make the right diagnosis. And recommend the best treatment options. That can help people resolve their symptoms. And enjoy life, without struggling.