Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | What Is Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | What Is Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation

Neuro- optic rehabilitation, is a great concussion treatment in Edmonton. If people have damaged the visual system of their brain. When they sustained their concussion in the first place.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Depending on how people got their concussion in the first place. There may be different parts of the brain that were injured. And it can be very difficult to predict what kinds of symptoms people are going to get.

As well, it is impossible to tell. How badly the brain is injured. Until they start looking at the symptoms that people eventually develop. While some visual system symptoms can occur immediately following the injury.

With people seeing double, or blurred vision. Or being dizzy, and losing their balance. However, if symptoms do not immediately appear. This does not mean that people will not need a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

In fact, many people may be extremely surprised to hear. That it can take up to fourteen days for symptoms to surface. Therefore, if they had what they consider a minor accident.

And do not start experiencing symptoms until two weeks later. And the symptoms are things like dry eye, light sensitivities and headaches. They may not even relate those symptoms to their concussion.

And may not even consider the facts. That it is because they damage their visual system. During their concussion. Therefore, many people have symptoms that linger for months, and years.


And they do not even consider to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they do not know that these symptoms. Are related to their injury. People often do not even believe.

That it is possible to sustain a concussion without hitting their head. And that some of the most common symptoms. That people will get from a concussion, no matter what amount of severity they had.

Will be symptoms of a damaged visual system. Because of how extensive, and how many connections. The visual system has in the brain. And that they are located throughout the entire brain.

When a patient has symptoms of a concussion. Longer than three months. It is now considered a post concussion syndrome. And it does require a treatment to help them overcome symptoms.

Because the symptoms will not resolve on their own. If the high likelihood of the symptoms being caused at least in part, by a damaged visual system. It is simply prudent, for people who have sustained a concussion.

To seek an assessment by a vision therapist. Either to rule out any damage to their visual system. Or, to confirm it, and find out what extent. Their visual system was damaged during the incident.

When people are looking for an assessment by a vision therapist. All they have to do, is call vision by design in Edmonton. As they have vision therapists on staff. Who will be able to assess, diagnose. And treat people.

Who have a post concussion syndrome. And they will be able to help them resolve their symptoms, many of the different treatments that they have at their disposal.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | What Is Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation

Many people may not realize, that a common concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is actually neuro- optometric rehabilitation. This is because it is quite common, for concussion patients. To have a damaged visual system.

80% of the information people gather from the world is visual. From viewing the surroundings. To interacting with objects. Reading, playing sports and driving. But also things like communication, are all related to vision in some way.

Therefore, not only are there an extremely large number of connections in the brain. That deal with the vision in one form or another. But those connections are located literally, throughout the entire brain.

And when someone has a post concussion syndrome. Which is symptoms lingering longer than three months. They will need neuro- optometric rehabilitation as a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to resolve their symptoms.

What amount of neuro- optometric rehabilitation. They need, will be determined by a vision therapist. Who will do the initial assessment when the patient comes in to the optometrist clinic.

Patients should prepare for an extremely in-depth assessment. That can last anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. Because of the sheer amount of exercises that the optometrist must go through.

In order to find out exactly what part of the brain was injured. And the level of severity of the injury. The session may be broken out into two or more appointments. Depending on how well the patient can tolerate the assessment.


At the end of the assessment, the vision therapist will be able to let the patient no. What parts of the brain were injured, and how severe the injury is. In some cases, all that is required.

In order to resolve the symptoms, or prescription glasses. Or glasses that have attend, or a film with prisms applied. That alone, can cause the symptoms to resolve while the patient is wearing the glasses.

However, it is very common. That people will need some level of neuro- optometric rehabilitation. Which is often called physiotherapy, for people’s eyes. This is where the patient will go through guided activities.

With their vision therapist. As modified for their own injuries. As they heal, and progress. The vision therapist will be able to increase the difficulty of the exercises. But also incorporate many other activities.

Such as gross body movements, auditory, and cognitive activities. In order to help integrate the damaged visual system, back into the brain as it heals. This is such an effective concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Some people may need neuro- optometric rehabilitation every week, for a few weeks or months. But, people who have sustained significant damage to their vision system.

May have to go every week, for a year or longer. To resolve their symptoms. However, they will be able to heal their brain, with consistent effort. And by going to their vision therapist’s office every week.

When people are ready to get started, or to find out if they sustained damage to their vision system. And what they can do about that. People should call vision by design in Edmonton for an appointment.