Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Vision System Damage

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Vision System Damage

Many people may not realize, that they will have sustained vision system damage, requiring concussion treatment in Edmonton. Following an injury, where they sustained a concussion.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

The reason why it is likely. That most people who have sustained a concussion. Will also end up with some amount of vision system damage. Is because of how extensive the vision system is.

The vision system, is located in many different parts of the brain. Through thirty-two areas, and three hundred connections in the brain. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain was damaged during the concussion.

There is an extremely good chance. That some part of the vision system, is damaged in that area as well. This is also why, the symptoms associated with a damaged vision system. Are so varied.

People might end up with obvious symptoms. Such as blurred or double vision. As well as having trouble reading, or getting dry eyes and headaches when focusing on close up work.

However, some symptoms can be even more secure. Including sensitivity to light, nausea, dizziness and balance problems. For people suddenly, having sensitivity to motion. When they were not sensitive before.

These latter symptoms are caused by the brain struggling. To process visual information, from a broken vision system. And what makes it even more confusing. Is that these symptoms can show up.


As late as two weeks after the initial injury. And many people might not even realize that these symptoms are related to their concussion at all. Let alone related to a damaged vision system.

This is why it is simply prudent step. To seek an assessment by a vision therapist. In order to find out if they damaged their vision system after a concussion. Because if they did, it will make it easier.

To find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. The only thing that people need to keep in mind when this is their approach. Is they must wait three months after their concussion.

That is because symptoms may resolve themselves within three months. But the symptoms that persist longer than that. Will need professional help, to find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. And resolve symptoms.

When people are looking for a vision therapist. While there is a list on Canada’s optometrists website. When people are in the Edmonton area, it literally is as simple. As calling vision by design in Edmonton.

Not only do they have vision therapists on staff. But the vision therapist is there, are actually specialists in post concussion rehabilitation. They will be able to do an assessment with each patient.

In order to find out if they did damage their visual system. If so, how damaged it is. And create a treatment plan, that can help people resolve their symptoms.

This may include the use of prescription glasses. Or specially treated lenses. Most often, will require some amount of optic rehabilitation. Also called physiotherapy for the eyes. This is going to be very beneficial in helping people overcome their symptoms.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Vision System Damage

When people have sustained a concussion, they may not even realize that they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Especially if they do not feel that they have a lot of symptoms.

However, people may not realize that they are experiencing symptoms of a concussion. They just are not the ones that they typically would associate with this kind of brain injury.

Common symptoms include headaches, blurred or double vision. Or losing focus, especially while reading. However, these are just some of the symptoms that people can develop over two weeks.

Lesser-known symptoms include light sensitivity, balance problems. As well as dizziness and nausea. Accompanied by a sensitivity to motion. Especially when viewed in their periphery.

These are also symptoms of a damaged visual system. And when they symptoms persist longer than three months. This is actually called post concussion syndrome. And these symptoms, are not likely to resolve themselves.

If they persist for longer than three months. People have often waited for several years. Avoiding getting a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they assume that they will heal on their own.

If they go to a vision therapist, and undergo the extremely thorough assessment. And find out that they do have a damaged vision system. It is likely that they are going to require neuro- optic rehabilitation.

This is considered physiotherapy, but for people’s eyes. Where, under the guidance of a vision therapist. People will do several different visual activities. To help retrain the brain, how to make those connections that were damaged.


The amount of neuro- optic rehabilitation that people require further concussion treatment in Edmonton. Will depend greatly on the amount of damage each person sustains.

And while some people might require weekly sessions for a few weeks or months. Other people might need to go for treatment, every week for a year or longer.

The benefit to neuro- optic rehabilitation. Is that the vision therapist is going to be able to modify the program. For each patient, to ensure that it is not more difficult than they can handle.

And increase the intensity and difficulty. As they heal, and are able to do more tasks. As well, the concussion treatment in Edmonton. Will eventually start including other components.

Such as auditory activities, gross body movements. As well as cognitive and vestibular components. To help integrate the visual system, with the rest of the brain as it heals.

Therefore, even if people are not aware that they sustained damage. To their visual system following their brain injury. By going to a vision therapist for an assessment can be very beneficial.

Even people who have sustained a concussion many years ago. Who are still having persistent headaches, nausea. Or things like balance problems. Can get an assessment to rule it out.

If it turns out that they are suffering from residual symptoms from concussion long ago. It will be extremely glad that they did the assessment. In order to help them overcome their symptoms.