Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Brain Injuries

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are complex, and many do not require concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because the brain is able to heal on its own. However, when this is not the case. Help is necessary.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

However, it may be difficult. For patients to understand. What help they do need. And that a different therapist is actually going to help. For every part of the brain that was injured.

The brain is a very complex organ. And contains thousands of connections. Called neuro- pathways. These pathways, are what helps the brain. Communicate with the rest of the body.

And for the body to communicate. With the brain itself. During a concussion, these neural pathways. Can become damaged. Making it difficult. For the body and brain to communicate.

Or, if the injury is significant enough. Making it in fact impossible. For messages to get through. When this is the case, whether they have damaged. Or severed the neural pathways. The result is a variety.

Of different symptoms. Depending on what neural pathways were damaged. Or severed during the brain injury. When it is a concussion, depending on what area of the brain.

Hit the inside of the skull. There may be vastly different symptoms. From problems with speech, fine motor skills. Gross motor skills, and more. However, the overwhelming majority of concussion patients.

Actually experience symptoms. That indicate that they have damaged their vision system. The reason why so many concussion patients. Have damaged this part of the brain. Is because the vision system.


Is incredibly complex. And has connections throughout the entire brain. Unlike most centres of the brain. That have one area that they control. Vision is different. Because vision is used in so many.

Other types of activities. People only have to think. Of their daily routine. In order to understand. How much they depend on vision. For each of those tasks and activities. In fact, there are many.

Centres of the brain, thirty-two to be precise. That deal specifically with vision. And three hundred connections in the brain. That deal in some way to vision. Therefore, these three hundred and thirty-two connections per

Are located, literally throughout. The entire brain. Which means no matter what part of the brain. Was damaged during the concussion. Chances are, part of the vision system. Was also damaged in the process.

This means, that quite often. The concussion treatment in Edmonton. That people are going to need. Involves a vision therapist. They will be able to perform a comprehensive vision examination.

Which is much more in-depth. That a standard eye exam. Designed to find out. If a patient has damage their vision system. If so, what part. And how extensive the damage is.

They then, be able to put together. A customized treatment plan for the patient. To help them eliminate symptoms. Over time. When people are looking for a vision therapist to work with.

All they have to do. Is call vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. Not only did they have vision therapists on staff. But they specialize in concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Understanding Brain Injuries And The Visual System

When people have had a concussion, finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can be difficult. First of all, symptoms may show up. As late as two weeks after the injury.

And while those symptoms are showing up. Some of the first symptoms that people had. Are now starting to go away. This is because the brain is often able. To heal a lot of concussion damage on its own.

This is because the brain has an incredible ability. To learn, grow and heal. Which researchers call neuro- plasticity. However, if the symptoms. That people are experiencing are lingering. More than a month later.

This typically indicates. That those symptoms. Are not going to resolve on their own. And people will need to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. While many people often see a physical therapist.

In order to help heal the connections. That deal with their body and muscle. Fewer people understand. That they likely damaged part. Of their vision system in the process. However, 70% of concussion sufferers.

Typically have that problem. Some common symptoms. That indicate that a patient has damaged. Their vision system with their concussion. And will need of concussion treatment in Edmonton.

By an accredited vision therapist include. Sensitivity to light, headaches and blurred or double vision. They may find it very difficult. To read. Either losing their place when reading.


Reading slower, or reduced comprehension. After they have read a passage. People also may find. That their balance is affected. Standing, walking. Or that they cannot judge distances. And of lost their depth perception.

Some people may simply feel overwhelmed. Or uncomfortable in visually stimulating environments. Such as walking through a crowded mall. Driving home through rush-hour traffic. Or watching a movie.

That has a lot of action on the screen. While these are just some of the symptoms. That indicate a damaged vision system. It is simply prudent. For any concussion suffer. Who is having lingering symptoms.

To simply contact a vision therapist. In order to get a complete examination. While the exam is quite lengthy. Taking anywhere between one hour. To an hour and a half to complete.

At the end of the assessment. The vision therapist will be able to definitively say. If they have damaged their vision system. If so, how damaged it is. And what areas are likely affected as well.

Therefore, they are able to get the help they need. To heal their vision system. And in many cases. This is needed, before the patient. Is able to heal other parts of their body. Because of how dependent.

All systems are on vision. People simply need to consider. How often they use vision. For all of the various tasks. To understand how interwoven their vision system is.

When looking for the best vision therapist they can. Patients should call vision by design optometry clinic. Located in West Edmonton. There vision therapists are specialists. In treating and resolving concussion damage.