Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Trouble With Sight After Injury

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Trouble With Sight After Injury

Even if people understand that had a concussion, finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can be significantly difficult. Because there are many parts of the brain. That may have been injured.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Each requiring its own professional. To find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. That is going to help. As well, in a lot of cases. Many therapists will have to end up working in conjunction. With each other in order.

For the concussion treatment Edmonton to work. For a lot of people. The key to healing properly. Is to help heal. Their damaged vision system. 70% of all concussion sufferers.

Have symptoms indicating. A damaged vision system. Which means they also need to. To find a vision therapist. In order to get vision rehabilitation. Also known as vision therapy.

Similar to physiotherapy. This program will be suited. Specifically for each client. The damage that they have. And how significant the damage is. The vision therapist will also be able.

To increase the level of difficulty. As people progress, and start healing. Their damaged vision system. While it is incredibly common. For most concussion patients. To have symptoms. Of a damaged vision system.

Most concussion patients. Actually have their symptoms resolve. Between four weeks and six weeks of their injury. However, if they find that they do not. Have their symptoms resolving at all.

Than they are going to need to find a vision therapist. In order to help them. Some of the most common symptoms. Of a damaged vision system include. Sensitivity to light and headaches.


As well as trouble focusing. Such as having blurred or double vision. Either all of the time. Or when they are focusing close up, or focusing on objects far away. In some extreme cases.

Patients have lost their eyesight. And while this is fixable. It is important. That patients find the right treatment quickly. Because while the brain has a certain amount of neuro- plasticity.

Concussion damage that is not fixed quickly enough. Often becomes permanent. Other symptoms that indicate. That people need to find, a treatment. Those symptoms include. Having a hard time in busy visual environments.

Such as walking through a crowd, driving through rush-hour traffic. Even watching action movies. Or people scrolling on their phone. Can be very difficult, uncomfortable. Or irritating to their eyes.

People might find that they have the biggest problems. With reading, having a difficult time. Following every single word in a sentence. And that they keep losing their place. Or they read much more slowly.

Than they did before. Or have lost their comprehension. Or their ability to understand. What a paragraph is communicating. People also tend to have balance problems.

Whether it is standing, walking or riding a bike. Or have lost their depth perception. All of these signs, and even more. Typically indicates. That people should contact a vision therapist right away.

When looking for a vision therapist, Edmonton ends should contact vision by design. They are located in Edmonton. There vision therapists specialize. In healing concussion damage.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Trouble With Your Eye Sight After Injury

Despite the fact that a damaged vision system that requires concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is the single most common damage. Happening after a concussion. Many people still do not understand.

The importance of seeing a vision therapist. In order to help heal themselves. From the concussion that they sustained. Makes it even more difficult. Is many people do not even realize.

That they did in fact get a concussion. Because many people believe. That in order to have a concussion. People will need to have sustained. Head injury in the process. This is not necessary at all.

A concussion happens. When the brain hits the inside. Of the patient’s skull with enough force. To damage the neural pathways. That connect the brain to the body. This can happen.

In circumstances like a car accident. Where a person gets whiplash. And their head stopped moving. Or moves backward quickly. While the brain. Which is suspended in brain fluid. Continues forward at the same velocity.

Sporting incidents can cause concussions. Even if their heads are not yet. Even if someone trips. And falls with enough force. Even if they do not damage their body. Or hit their head. They may have sustained a concussion.

What makes it even more difficult. Is that symptoms do not necessarily show up. Immediately following the incident. They may surface after two weeks. Which makes it even more difficult. To recognize a concussion.


And to know, that the symptoms that they are experiencing. Is related to that concussion. Therefore, people should know what a concussion is. And that if they have suffered one. That chances are very good.

They are going to need a vision therapist. The reason why, is because 70% of concussion sufferers. And up with damaged vision systems. Simply because the vision system is incredibly extensive.

With thirty-two centres of the brain. Dealing with vision in some way. And three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision. This means that no matter where the brain was hit during the concussion.

The part of the brain will have part of the vision system in it. And chances are good that the vision system will have some damage. The good news is however. That most concussions will heal on its own.

Because the brain has what researchers call neuro- plasticity. Which is the ability to heal and grow. But if people have symptoms linger. For more than 4 to 6 weeks. This is the time that they should contact.

A vision therapist in order to get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. That will help them heal their brain. And eliminate the symptoms that are problematic. When people are looking for the best.

Vision therapist to work with. If they are in Edmonton, or the surrounding area. It can contact vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. Not only did they have vision therapists on staff.

But there vision therapists also specialize. In concussion treatment in Edmonton. Helping patients who have had concussions.