Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Treating Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Treating Post Concussion Syndrome

One of the most important things that needs to happen following a concussion, is finding a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Some people make the mistake of thinking that their symptoms are going to go away on their own.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

While this is sometimes the case, if the symptoms are going to resolve. It will resolve within three months. If people are still experiencing symptoms longer than that. It is then called post concussion syndrome.

And it requires treatment in order to resolve the symptoms. Many people actually suffer with symptoms for years. Either for getting the cause of the symptoms. Or continuing to hope that they will go away.

The reason why people have lingering symptoms after a concussion. Is that during the injury, their brain lost important connections. And now struggle, to do many different things.

And when it comes to a concussion. Experts say that it is almost inescapable. That people will have damaged part of their vision system in the process. The reason why, is because of how extensive the system is.

80% of the information people gather and utilize in the world is visual. From communication, to moving such as walking or driving. To reading, and learning. As well as interacting with the world.

Require different parts of the visual system. Therefore, there are parts all over the brain, that include a connection dealing with vision. Which means no matter what part of the brain was hit during the concussion.


Chances are extremely high. That it the injury also damaged that part of the vision system. And is also the reason why. People that have experienced a concussion. May have an extremely wide variety.

Of vision symptoms, from very obvious ones. Such as double vision, blurred vision and dry eyes. To less obvious symptoms, such as motion and light sensitivities. As well as dizziness, and balance problems.

The less obvious symptoms. Our due to the brain struggling. To process visual information. From a damaged system. This will require finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton to resolve.

When it is the vision system that is damaged. People will need to get an assessment by an accredited vision therapist. Which is an optometrist, who has specialized in vision syndromes.

When people are looking for the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. They should call vision by design in Edmonton. Because not only do they have vision therapists on staff.

But one of their vision therapists is actually a specialist in post concussion rehabilitation. This means people in the Edmonton area, will have no better help then by contacting this therapist.

They will take the patient through an extremely detailed assessment. That is going to use many different tests, in order to discover if they do in fact. Have a damaged visual system, and how damaged it is.

The assessment can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. And after this, the therapist will be able to make a diagnosis. And come up with the right treatment plan. That can help patients resolve their symptoms completely.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Treating Post Concussion Syndrome

Many people may not understand concussions, or concussion treatment in Edmonton. And there is a lot of misinformation, and myths surrounding this extremely common brain injury.

One misconception that many people have. Is that in order to have suffered a concussion. People have to hit their head, such as falling and hitting their head on the ground. Or hitting the windshield in a car accident.

However, this is not true. What causes a concussion. Is when a person’s head, suddenly stops. Or quickly changes direction. From the direction it was previously travelling. Since the brain is suspended in brain fluid.

When the body and the head move in another direction. The brain is actually carried in the direction that the body used to be travelling. And it will hit the inside of the skull with enough force to cause damage.

Therefore, a sudden fall can in fact cause a concussion. Even if someone does not hit their head. Or when someone is in a car accident. And does not hit their head on the windshield. They can still have had a concussion.

This means many people may have in fact had concussions. And not even know it. Which makes finding a concussion treatment in Edmonton even more difficult. Because people might not realize.

That the symptoms that they are experiencing. Have anything to do with a concussion, that they did not know they had. It becomes even more confusing. When people have damaged the vision system in their brain.

Because the symptoms that they are experiencing. May not seem related to their eyes. Or the fact that they are related to their eyes. Makes them seem as though they have an eye problem, and not a brain problem.


Either way, when people are experiencing some of the following symptoms. This is a great time to either seek a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Or simply reach out to a vision therapist.

Such as the ones that are at vision by design in Edmonton. Who will utilize a very thorough assessment. To figure out if their vision system has been damaged. And if so, how damaged it is.

It will be able to come up with the right treatment, that can help people resolve their symptoms. The symptoms that people should be aware of include double vision, or blurred vision.

Especially when people are working on things that require them to focus close up. As well as dry eyes, which people may associate with the weather, or looking at a computer.

But is actually caused by the part of the brain that regulates blinking. Being damaged. People also might experience headaches while doing near work. Losing their place will they are reading, and losing focus.

As well as dizziness, motion sensitivities and balance problems. As well as light sensitivity. These are all indications that patients should get an assessment done by an experts.

And potentially find the right neuro- optic rehabilitation. That will help them resolve their symptoms in time.