Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Learning About Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Learning About Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation

Many people may not realize, that their concussion injuries require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. And that without one, there will symptoms might persist for years.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

While many people experience symptoms. Immediately following their concussion. Sometimes, symptoms can show up quite a bit later. From hours after the event.

To two weeks, following incident. Matter how minor people may have assumed their injuries were. In fact, brain damage caused by concussion will may not even show up on a brain scan for two weeks.

Therefore, immediately following an accident. Where a person sustained a concussion. They should rest their brain. By avoiding strenuous activities like playing video games. Minimizing time on digital devices.

And avoiding focusing on near work is much as possible. This will allow their brain to rest. And hopefully, not develop any additional symptoms. Caused by damage to brain connections, the concussion.

After two weeks, they will not likely experience any new symptoms. However, it is possible. For the symptoms that they are experiencing, to resolve themselves. As the brain heals itself.

Although people need to keep in mind. That if the symptoms do not dissolve after three months. Chances are very low. That it will resolve all on own. Requiring a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

However, where people need to go. In order to decide the symptoms that they are experiencing. May be very confusing. However, a great place to start, would be a vision therapist.


The reason why vision therapist is place to start. Is because the chances are very high. That people would end up with a damaged visual system. During their concussion.

Therefore, no matter how little damage they may have. They will be able to get an assessment. And then get a treatment concussion treatment in Edmonton. That can resolve their symptoms.

And after that, their vision therapist may be able to point them in the right direction. About where they can go next. To continue healing their brain through the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

In order to find and vision therapist. That will help assess the patient’s. To find out if they have suffered from damage to their visual system. And if so, they will also formulate a treatment plan. That can help them heal.

Some people may only require prescription glasses. That has tinted lenses. Or lenses with prisms in them. In order to help them overcome their symptoms.

While most people, or going to require some amount of neural optic rehabilitation. Which has been compared to physiotherapy. However, the on the eyes, and not the body.

What this rehabilitation program will include. Our visual activities, led by a vision therapist. Modified, to the capabilities of each patient. As they heal their brain, the program can increase in difficulty.

So that they can continue to heal their brains connections. And overcome the symptoms that they are struggling with. In order to find a vision therapist to help them.

People simply have to contact vision by design in Edmonton. Because not only do they have vision therapists on staff. But there vision therapists specialize in post concussion rehabilitation.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Learning About Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation

It is extremely important that if people have had a concussion, that they actually reach out to a professional, to find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. A common mistake people make. Is thinking that there going to be able to heal on their own.

While it is common. For symptoms from a concussion to go away on their own. This is within three months of the initial injury occurring. Once the three months are up.

If people are still experiencing symptoms. This is now considered post concussion syndrome. And it is far less likely. For the symptoms to resolve themselves after this amount of time.

Some patients and waiting for months, or years. While suffering with the symptoms. Because they mistakenly believed. That they will eventually that way.

However, other patients might not seek the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they simply do not know what professionals will be able to help them.

A great place to start however. Will be going to a vision therapist. Because vision therapists, will be able to do an assessment. In order to find out if a person has sustained vision system damage.

It is also extremely likely. That a person will have sustained damage to their vision system. Simply because of how extensive the connections are in their brain. That relate to vision.


Which means no matter what part of the brain was injured. Chances are extremely good. That one of those parts included some vision system connections.

If they do have damage to their vision system. The same vision therapist will be able to come up with an effective treatment. Using a variety of methods, such as prescription glasses. Or neural optic rehabilitation.

Some people may require many sessions, such as weekly sessions for a year or more. In order to resolve the symptoms that they are experiencing. Where other people, they only need to attend their treatments.

For several weeks or a few months. In order to get the results they desire. Because their brain will have healed itself. When people are looking for this kind of concussion treatment in Edmonton.

While they can go to the Canadian optometrists website. Because they have a list of optometrists, that are also vision therapists. When people are in Edmonton or the surrounding area.

They should simply be able to call vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange an assessment, to be done by their vision therapists on staff. These assessments are going to take approximately 1 to 3 hours.

Due to the sheer volume of tests that will need to be conducted. Because of how extensive their vision system is. However, at the end of the assessment. The vision therapist will have a great idea.

Of exactly what they can do to help the patient. So that they can resolve their symptoms, and get back to normal life.