Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Interrupt Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Interrupt Vision

In order to understand why someone with a concussion needs a vision therapist for their concussion treatment in Edmonton. People should understand both concussions. And the vision system in the brain.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

First, the damage from a concussion. Is damage. To the neural pathways. That communicates information from the rest of the body. To the brain, and vise versa.

These neural pathways can be damaged. Or destroyed altogether. And years ago. Researchers once believed. That this damage was actually permanent. However, it is now understood.

That the brain is what researchers call neural plastic. Which means it has the ability. To be formed, and be moulded. In order to heal from damage. As well as to learn and grow for years.

When a concussion happens. It damages these neural pathways. And the reason why. Many concussion sufferers. Need to find the best concussion treatment in Edmonton. With the vision therapist, is quite simply.

Because the vision system in the brain. Is far-reaching, into all areas. While most centres in the brain. For speech, movement, or gross motor skills for example. Our kept in one small location.

So many different functions of the body. Depend on vision. Therefore, not only are there thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal with vision. Compared to one that deal with communication.


There are also three hundred connections in the brain. That deal with vision. Therefore, no matter what area of the brain is damaged. During the concussion. Chances are, part of the vision system is located there as well.

And since a concussion happens. When the brain hits the inside of a skull. With enough force to damage or destroy. Those neural pathways. When a concussion happens. Most people experience vision symptoms.

This includes dizziness, double or blurred vision. As well as headaches and sensitivity. And for the most part, no concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is necessary immediately following the concussion.

Because while some symptoms will take. Up to two weeks to show up. Other symptoms will take about a month to resolve on their own. So while seeing a doctor is important. A patient does not need to worry.

About finding the right treatment. For their symptoms just yet. However, once a month has passed. And symptoms are lingering. That is when people will need. Find the right therapist and treatment.

However, for every part of the brain that is damaged. They will need therapist to help them heal that damage. For example, if they have damaged the part of their brain. That deals with walking. Will need a physiotherapist.

If they have damaged the part of their brain. That deals with speech. They will need a speech therapist. Which means since most concussion sufferers. Also experience visual symptoms. They will need to find a vision therapist to work with.

The experts at vision by design optometry. Not only are vision therapists. But they also specialize in concussions as well. Helping people resolve their symptoms. And return to regular activities.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Interrupt A Patient's Vision

When people are ready to resolve concussion symptoms, the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Depends greatly. On what parts of their brain have been injured. Chances are, that whatever part of the brain.

Has been damaged. It will involve some part of the vision system. However, the vision system is incredibly large. As well as extensive, which means there are a wide variety of symptoms.

That people might be experiencing. As part of their concussion symptoms. For example, people who have damaged their vision system. May have headaches. Or experience light sensitivity.

They may simply have trouble focusing. Either having blurred, or double vision. They may lose their place while they are reading. They may read slower than they are used to. Or are unable to understand.

What they read means. People also may have a hard time focusing on digital screens. Such as a computer, their tablets. Or reading on their phone. While others, may have difficulty.

In a visually overwhelming environment. Such as in a crowded area. Or walking in a mall. Or watching television shows. And movies with action sequences. In some people, their balance is affected.

While others, have a hard time judging distances. And lacking depth perception. They might have some of these symptoms. Or all of them. And the wide variety of symptoms are representative.


Of all of the different types of work. That are vision system does. However, when these symptoms linger. For longer than a month. A vision therapist is needed. To implement not just any concussion treatment in Edmonton.

But the right treatment. It might involve using prescription lenses. In order to help the brain focus. And see things clearly. Or, therapeutic lenses. Such as lenses with prisms that are designed.

To help the brain process the visual information. However, more than likely. The concussion treatment in Edmonton. That is going to help resolve people’s visual symptoms. Will be vision therapy.

Which is often compared to. Physiotherapy, however. It will be for a patient’s eyes, and not their body. However, it is very similar to vision therapy in the fact. That it will involve a therapist.

Guiding the patient through a series of exercises. In order to build their muscles. And heal the neural pathways in their brain. That will help them regain their vision. And minimize their bothersome symptoms.

While it is not always possible. To completely resolve all the symptoms. For the most part. Many patients are able to significantly improve their symptoms. And enjoy a better quality of life.

They will be able to eliminate their headaches. Eliminate their sensitivity to light. They can avoid having blurred or double vision. And will enjoy the return to regular activities. Like reading, and driving.

When people are ready to return to their regular life. Working with the vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. Will be an extremely good first step, in the right direction.