Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Disturb Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Disturb Vision

Most concussions require some form of concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, what treatment people need. Depends significantly on what part of the brain. Was damaged in the process.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

However, no matter what part of the brain was damaged. Such as either side, front or back. Chances are, that part of the vision system. Was located in that area. Because of how extensive the vision system is.

The vision system is so extensive. Because there are thirty-two centres of the brain. Dealing specifically with vision. And over three hundred connections. That use vision in some way.

These centres, and connections. Are located literally. All over the entire brain. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain is injured. Chances are, the vision system is there as well.

This is the reason why. 70% of concussion patients. Experience vision system symptoms. That can include, but are not limited to. Headaches, sensitivity to light, trouble focusing.

They might have blurred or double vision. Or, simply have discomfort in a visually busy environment. Such as walking through a crowded mall. Or even watching an action movie on TV.

People might find that it takes them twice as long. To read a passage. Or, when they read the passage. They do not understand what it said. And while a lot of these symptoms. Our very obviously vision related.

Even symptoms that may not be so obvious. That it is a vision syndrome problem. Such as having balance problems. And having depth perception problems. Also points to a damaged vision system.


This indicates, that people should consider visiting a vision therapist. Who is a doctor of optometry. That has taken additional education. They will be able to conduct a series of measurements.

And do several tests. In order to find out. If a person’s visual system is damaged. And if so, how damaged it is. In addition to specifically what areas of the vision system. Our the problem.

So that they will be able to come up with the right treatment plan. Treatment can include a variety of things including prescription, or therapeutic lenses. That will minimize the problems on their own.

Or, vision therapy. Which is a lot like physiotherapy. However for the patients eyes and not their body. Where the vision therapist. Will lead the patient through. Several different exercises, and visual skills.

Specifically for their vision problem. And for how damaged their system is. As they progress. The vision therapist will be able to increase the complexity of the exercises. So that there is constant improvement.

Most patients say. That they find significant benefit. From the concussion treatment in Edmonton. In the form of vision therapy sessions. They are able to resolve all of their symptoms. In under a year.

To have a better quality of life. And be able to return. To all of their activities. Their hobbies, and work. Without any problems. If people are looking for a vision therapist to work with.

To get the best concussion treatment in Edmonton . All they have to do is contact vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton for more information.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Can Disturb Your Vision

Most people who have suffered from a concussion, needs very specific type of concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they will have also damaged. Their vision system in the process.

This happens, because the vision system is so extensive. That no matter what part of the brain is injured. They are likely to have injured a part of the brain. That includes the vision system. Unlike other centres of the brain.

That are located in one area. And nowhere else. The vision system is quite extensive. Because so many other brain functions. Require vision as part of their tasks. For instance communication.

As well as movement and motion. Require some form of visual information. As well as balance, and many more tasks. In fact, there are thirty-two centres of the brain. Specifically to deal with vision related tasks.

And over three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision in some way. In order to accomplish this tasks. Because it is so extensive, these connections are located. Literally all over the brain.

What happens when a person has a concussion. Is that their brain hits the inside of their skull. Likely caused by all of a sudden changing directions. Or stopping suddenly, such as when someone is in a car accident.

They can hit almost any part of their brain. During the concussion, which means some people might have speech problems. And others might have fine motor problems. As a result of their concussion.


Depending on what area of the brain that was hit. Unfortunately, because the vision system is that extensive. Chances are quite great. That the brain, will have damaged some of the vision system in the process.

The brain has what is called neural pathways. And that is how the brain will tell different areas of the body. What they are supposed to do. During a concussion, these neural pathways are either damaged. Or completely destroyed.

If they are damaged, people might have difficulties. With doing the task associated with that neural pathway. And if they are destroyed, some people may find things are impossible to do.

While it was once widely accepted. That damage from a concussion. Or any brain damage in fact. Was irreversible. Researchers now know this is not true. Calling the brain’s ability to heal neuro- plasticity.

This neuro- plasticity is the process. Of fixing and making those neural connections. That were initially destroyed. Not only can it fix damage. From a brain injury such as a concussion. With the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

But also, connections that were entirely missed. During the brains development, such as in ADHD. Can be made, with the right treatment.

Since 70% of concussion sufferers. Experience visual symptoms. They should find a vision therapist. In order to get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Designed to heal their vision system.

When looking for such a therapist. People should contact vision by design optometry clinic. Located in West Edmonton, their vision therapists specialize. In concussion treatments.