Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Affect Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Affect Vision

Many people may not even realize that a concussion requires a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to heal their vision system. However, the vision system is extremely extensive.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

With thirty-two centres of the brain dealing with vision. And an additional three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision information in some way. Which means that located throughout the brain.

There are so many connections dealing with vision. That when the brain is injured, during a concussion. Chances are very slim. That they will injure. A part of their brain, that does not contain the visual system.

How the vision system works. Is that light is past to our eyes. By passing through the front of the eyes called the lens. And landing at the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina uses the optic nerve.

To send information about the visual world, to the brainstem. Which is then responsible. For processing that visual information. The brainstem sends all of the different visual information pieces.

To the different centres and connections in the brain. That need that information. This is an extremely vast job. That the brain is doing, not just once. But twice, because with two eyes, people have.

Twice the visual information. And this is something that the brain is processing. Every second of every day, that the eyes are open. When a person has a concussion, and it damages their vision system.


The brain is having a much more difficult time. Processing that visual information. Because the neural connections that help the brain. Send the information to where it needs to go. Is damaged.

Depending on what part of the visual system is damaged. People can have a wide variety of problems. Such as seeing double or blurred vision. Having trouble focusing their eyes on a single point.

Maybe they have trouble with their balance, or have a difficult time. Judging depth perception. Trying to figure out how far away, were close up something is. People may not have a problem reading.

However they do have a problem. Understanding the meaning of what they have just read. Or simply, they will get overwhelmed. In a very visually busy environment. Such as walking through a mall.

Or watching a movie with a lot of action. These all indicate a very different part of the vision system that is damaged. However, this does not necessarily mean. That people need.

A concussion treatment in Edmonton to overcome. Their vision problems. Because most visual symptoms actually resolve. Within one month of sustaining the initial concussion.

However, if people are finding they are still struggling. And a month has passed. This is the right time to seek the concussion treatment in Edmonton. Through an accredited vision therapist.

When looking for a vision therapist, people should look no further. Then vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. They have vision therapists on staff. Whose specialty is healing from concussions.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | How Concussions Often Affect Vision

Many people have damaged their vision system, and need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. And they do not even know it. While most concussion symptoms. Actually resolve within one month.

Of receiving the original injury. The remaining 10% of people. Have lingering concussion symptoms. And once the symptoms last. For longer than three months. This is now considered a different diagnosis.

Called post concussion syndrome, that also needs a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to heal the vision system. Either way, people will need to come to a vision therapist.

To get a comprehensive vision exam. This is much more different than a standard eye exam. Where an optometrist simply discovers. If a person is able to see. An object at a distance clearly or not.

Whereas the vision exam is much longer. Instead of taking twenty minutes. A comprehensive vision exam can take. Anywhere between an hour, to an hour and a half to complete.

They will do many different activities, measurements. And the vision therapist will ask the patient. To do many different tasks. In order to find out. If the vision system was damaged.

During their initial injury. If so, how significant the injury to their vision system is. And what parts of the vision system is affected. Once they complete their examination.

Not only will they have a diagnosis. But they will understand, exactly what treatment. Is going to be needed. In order to heal them from the damage. That they have to their vision system.


Treatments can include therapeutic lenses. Such as lenses that have prisms in them. In order to aid the brain. In processing the visual information. Or prescription lenses that can help the patient.

Overcome the visual system damage. But helping them see things clearly. Eliminate the double vision. Or help them focus once more. Other people will require a vision rehabilitation program.

Often referred to as vision therapy. Very similar to physiotherapy. But for the eyes, and not the body. Some patients require both therapeutic lenses. And vision therapy in order to heal.

No matter what concussion treatment in Edmonton people need. By getting assessed by a vision therapist. Is a step in the right direction. To help people overcome their difficulties.

Vision therapy is likely to take approximately half an hour. Once a week, for approximately six months. Up to a year, especially if the damage. Is quite significant. However, most patients report having significant improvements.

Following their vision therapy. Lessening their symptoms and improving their quality of life. Most often, patients are able to return to all of their regular activities. Including reading, driving and working.

Not to mention hobbies such as playing games, playing sports. And being active, like running and riding a bike. Without having any trace. Of balance problems.

When people are looking for the best vision therapist. To help them heal their vision system. They should check out vision by design, located in Edmonton. Not only do they have vision therapists on staff. But there vision therapists actually specialize in concussion treatments as well.