Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Systems

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Systems

Many people do not consider a damaged vision system, as part of their concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, it is extremely common. That people will end up with at least one part of their vision system being damaged with their injury.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

This is why it is extremely prudent. For people who have experienced a concussion. To eventually see a vision therapist. And get an assessment, the find out if they also damaged part of their vision system. During their concussion.

While many people will have their symptoms resolve, within three months. Of initially sustaining their injury. If people do not have their symptoms resolve in this period of time. It then is considered a post concussion syndrome.

And the symptoms can persist for months, if not years. And it will require professional help. To find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. To resolve those symptoms.

The reason why it is prudent to see the vision therapist first. Is because it is very likely. That people will have experienced damage to their vision system. Simply because of how extensive the connections of the vision system are in their brain.

No matter which side of the brain. A person injured, during their concussion. Chances are quite high, that at least a few connections related to their vision system. Were in that area, and were potentially damaged.

Some of the symptoms of a damaged vision system. Are extremely easy to identify. Especially when they show up, very quickly after the event. Such as double, or blurred vision. As well as headaches, when focusing on things close up.


People might even get dry eye, because the part of the vision system. That regulates how often people blink. Can be damaged, causing people to stop blinking as often. And getting their eyes to dry out.

However, some symptoms, are less obvious. And people might attribute them to other causes. Or not realize that they are symptoms from their concussion. Especially if they show up in the 1 to 2 weeks after their injury.

These symptoms can include dizziness, nausea and balance problems. Or being overwhelmed with activity brushing past them. Such as oncoming traffic when they are in a vehicle.

Or people rushing past them on a busy street, or in the hallway. People might end up with light sensitivity, and lose focus while reading, or lose their place while they are reading as well.

These all are common symptoms of a damaged vision system. And when they persist past three months. They require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. From a certified a vision therapist in order to resolve themselves.

When people are looking for an assessment by a vision therapist. All they will have to do, is call a vision by design in Edmonton. In order to arrange an assessment, which can take 1 to 3 hours.

It will help people find out if in fact they did sustained damage to their vision system. And if they do have damage, what they need to do, to get the right treatment. So that they will be able to heal their brain.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Systems

When people sustained a concussion, and symptoms persist past three months, people will need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. This is because symptoms that persist you after three months.

These symptoms will then be likely. To persist for months, and even years. People who may not even realize they had a concussion. Or might not relate the symptoms they have to that initial injury.

and can have these symptoms, that persist. That will not have a chance of resolving. Until people find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. A great place to start, would be talking to a vision therapist.

Because it is very likely, that they damaged part of their vision system during the concussion. And even if they do not feel they have any visual symptoms, ruling out damage here. Is a good first step.

An assessment can be achieved, by calling vision by design in Edmonton. Where they will be to schedule in an assessment. Patients should prepare for one to three hours of an assessment.

To give the vision therapist enough time, to do the wide variety of tests and measurements. That will allow them to make a proper diagnosis. And then formulate the right treatment plan.

It might be that a person has only mild damage. And the only treatment they may ever need. Would be prescription glasses. That either have a tent, or prisms on the lenses.


This can often be enough, to eliminate symptoms. And help people get back to all of their regular activities they love. However, if it is not enough. The next step that they will utilize.

Is neural optometric rehabilitation. Also known as physiotherapy for the eyes. Guided by a vision therapist. They will go through a series of visual activities. Designed to help the patient heal connections in their brain.

How many sessions of neural optic rehabilitation a patient will need. Will depend on the level of damage. As well as how well they are responding to the sessions. Some patients will need just a few.

Over a few months. While other people, will need to come in every week. For the better part of the year in order to resolve the symptoms that they are experiencing.

What people will need to do, in order to access this assessment and concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is simply to call vision by design in Edmonton. And get their vision therapist to arrange the assessment.

Once they have a assessment book, it would to them approximately 1 to 3 hours. And after that, it will help therapists understand how much damage has been sustained. And formulated the right treatment.

The sooner people can get to a vision therapist, the better. Because symptoms can persist for months, and years. Which will cause people to suffer needlessly, with symptoms. That could very easily be resolved. If they saw the right professional in the first place.