Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing The Brain After a Concussion

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing The Brain After a Concussion

Many people might make the mistake of thinking they will not need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because they think that the brain will heal all on its own.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

And while some damage is going to be able to heal on its own. If the damage does not heal on its own after three months. It is not likely going to heal without professional help.

After three months, it will be considered post concussion syndrome. And many people have suffered for months or years. Waiting for their concussion damage to heal. And never finding the resolution.

The reason why many people do not find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is either because they do not realize that the symptoms that they have. Are related to a concussion at all.

This is often because the symptoms showed up so far after the initial injury. Such as one or two weeks later. Or that they did not realize that they even sustained a concussion. Because they did not hit their head.

Some symptoms that people need to be aware of. That indicate not just that a person had a concussion. But that they damaged their vision system in the process. And need to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Include double vision, and blurred vision. As well as dry eyes. The trouble with this, is that many people might think that it is because they are spending too much time at work, or on the computer.


And use eyedrops, and try to get more sleep. As well as limiting computer time. In order to resolve those symptoms. They will not find relief, when the symptoms are due to a damaged visual system.

Other symptoms to be aware of include having a hard time reading and focusing. Such as losing place when they read. Headaches when they are doing near work, or even stranger symptoms.

Including dizziness, balance problems and nausea. Motion sensitivities, light sensitivities. And being overwhelmed by motion in their periphery. The latter symptoms are caused by the brain struggling.

To process visual information, that it is getting from a damaged vision system. Many people might think that they have in her ear problems. Due to the strange symptoms that they are getting.

Might cause them to seek a concussion treatment in Edmonton. From the wrong professional. However, if people have had a concussion. They should proactively reach out to a vision therapist after three months.

So that they can get an assessment. To find out if they in fact have damaged their vision system. And if so, what kind of treatment they suggest. In order to resolve the symptoms, and help them enjoy life.

The same degree that they did, before they sustained the injury. For some people, the treatment that they are going to get. Is simply prescription glasses. That may have a tent, or prisms on the lenses.

That will eliminate the symptoms instantly. While more damage will require undergoing neural optic rehabilitation. But that will help heal their brain, permanently.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Healing The Brain After a Concussion

It is very important that patients who have sustained a concussion, find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Because while many symptoms will resolve on their own. This is not always the case.

Even if a person believes all of the symptoms that were caused by concussion. Have resolved, they may not realize. That they are still experiencing problems. Such as difficulty focusing, or losing their place when they read.

Even if they think that they are completely healed. By being proactive, and reaching out to a vision therapist. Can help them find out. If they in fact damaged their vision system during their concussion.

And if so, what the vision therapist can do. To help them heal their injury. And restore the vision connections in their brain. Typically, they will undergo what is called neural optic rehabilitation.

That is compared to physiotherapy, but for people’s eyes. This is a series of exercises, overseen by a doctor of optometry. That has become a vision therapist through additional schooling.

The program will be completely modifiable, based on each patient’s current ability. And the level of damage they have. As they heal, the doctor can increase the difficulty of the activities.

So that they can continually heal, and progress through the narrow optometric rehabilitation program. In the beginning, it will simply be visual exercises. To help strengthen the vision system.


But over time, the doctor will add activities. To incorporate the vision system, with the rest of the brain. The activities will include cognitive components, gross body movements.

As well as integrate auditory, and vestibular activities into the program. While some people are going to need to come into the office for this neural optic rehabilitation concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Every week, for several weeks or months. Others, who have more damage. Will need to come in every week for a year or longer. However, many people, who see the results of the neural optic rehabilitation.

Will be more than happy to come in every week. To go through these exercises. If it means healing their brain. And eliminating their symptoms that they are struggling with.

While vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists are actually vision therapists. So finding a vision therapist, might be a little bit difficult. When people are looking for a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

If they are in the Edmonton area, they can simply call vision by design. Not only did they have vision therapists on staff. But there vision therapists also specialize in post concussion rehabilitation.

Therefore, people in the Edmonton area. Will have no better place to rehabilitate their vision system. Then at vision by design. Whether they simply need prescription glasses, or an extensive neural optic rehabilitation program.

All they have to do, is set aside 1 to 3 hours for the assessment. Because there will be many different tests and activities. That are used to diagnose, and then formulate a treatment for people with concussion damage to their visual system.