Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Require Healing

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Require Healing

Many people may not even realize, that if they had a concussion, they will require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Many people are mistaken when they believe. That all concussion needs is time to heal.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

As well, many people also believe. That when they have a concussion, symptoms will show up immediately, or within the same day. Or they will not show up at all. This is extremely untrue.

In fact, damage from a concussion. Can take up to two weeks to surface. And even brain scans that are done. Prior to the two week mark. Are likely going to show absolutely no damage.

Therefore, immediately following a concussion. People are instructed to rest. And this is not necessarily resting their body. However, that is not a bad idea. If they also sustained physical injuries.

However, the rest is mostly for their brain. They should avoid strenuous activities. Such as reading, using their digital device. Or focusing on near work. Because this can put a strain on their brain.

And potentially exacerbate the brain injuries and increase the symptoms that they might have. Once they have passed the two week mark. All the symptoms that have surfaced in that time.

Are going to be the only ones that show up. However, this does not mean that this is when people should start a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to heal their brain.


The reason why, is because their symptoms are likely going to minimize, or resolve themselves. Within that three month period. And they may not need to seek any treatment at all.

However, after the three month mark. If people have lingering symptoms. This is now called a post concussion syndrome. And this is when they should be seeking a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

However, it may be very overwhelming. To find out what kind of treatment they should try first. And if they go into get a brain scan. That does not always make it any more conclusive.

A great place to start. Would be to go to a vision therapist. In order to get an assessment. And while vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists, are in fact vision therapists.

People will need to find an optometrist. That has taken additional schooling. In order to be an expert, in vision therapy. How they can find a vision therapist. Is by going to the Canadian optometrists website.

They have a list of all of the vision therapist’s in Canada. However, if people are in the Edmonton area. It is as easy as calling vision by design in Edmonton. Not only did they have vision therapists on staff.

But the vision therapists that they do have. Actually specialize in concussion rehabilitation. And would be more than happy. To book an assessment. In order to find out if someone is suffering from post concussion syndrome.

And if they are, if it includes vision system symptoms. So that they can come up with the right treatment. And help people overcome their symptoms, and get on with their life.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Require Healing

Many people may not realize that many concussions will require professional concussion treatment in Edmonton. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about concussions.

And it causes people to not realize that they have had a concussion. Makes people assume that their symptoms will go away eventually. Or that there is nothing that can be done to help them.

One of the most common misconceptions about concussions. That causes people to not get a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is the assumption that in order to have a concussion.

A person must have to have hit their head. This is very untrue. Because what causes a concussion, is the brain hitting the inside of their skill. Which can happen if a person changes the direction that they are travelling in very quickly.

Such as if they are in a car accident. If they fall and hit the ground very hard. Or if they are in a sporting event, and are body checked in hockey for example. Even though their head did not get hit.

Therefore, if people simply believe that there is no possible way. That they have a concussion. Because they did not hit their head. They may be lingering with concussion symptoms for years.

Without realizing that a concussion is the cause of their symptoms. Or that there is a concussion treatment in Edmonton. That can help them overcome those troublesome symptoms.


Another misconception about concussions. Is that if the symptoms do not show up immediately. They are not going to show up at all. Many people have seen the cartoons where someone has been injured.

And they are cross eyed, dizzy, and are seeing blurred vision. Many people assume that this trope is true to life. And that if they do not have symptoms that quickly. That they will not develop any symptoms at all.

While in fact, symptoms can surface, as late as two weeks after the initial injury. And doctors do not even recommend. To getting a brain scan until two weeks. Because they may not see the extent of a person’s injury.

And the third misconception that people have. That cause them to not seek concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is the assumption that their brain will eventually be able to heal itself all on its own.

While it is true, that symptoms can resolve on their own. If that has not happened within three months. Doctors now realize, that their brain is not likely going to heal at all on its own.

Which will require finding the right professional. To assess the patient, and then recommend the right treatment for them. A great place to start, would be going to a vision therapist.

Because there is an extremely good chance. That they have damaged some aspect of their vision system. Therefore, starting with the most likely place. Can help them resolve symptoms quickly. And then find what the next step should be for them.