Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Disturb Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Disturb Vision

Many people may not realize that the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they need for their brain injury. Involves a vision therapist, because the part of the brain. That they have injured is their vision system.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

In order to understand why. People need to understand what happens during a concussion. And how their vision system factors into that. When someone has a concussion. What has happened is that their brain.

Has hit the inside of their skull. This is caused by the head either stopping quickly. For example, when someone is in a car accident. Or, when someone suddenly moves. In a different direction then they were originally travelling.

They can hit the front of their brain, the back of their brain. Or either side of their brain. And any neural connections in those areas. Can be damaged. Either damaged and not functioning well. Or damaged and completely severed.

Depending on the severity of the concussion. As well as exactly what part of the brain was injured. People can experience a wide variety of different symptoms. However, chances are quite significant.

That people are going to end up with damage. To their vision system, because of how extensive it is. How vision plays into this. And why most concussion patients. Will end up requiring.

A concussion treatment in Edmonton from a vision therapist. Is because the vision system is located through out all areas of the brain. For example, people should understand how their vision system works.


Light will carry visual information. Through the lens of their eyes, landing on the back. Called the retina, which carries. The visual information to the brain. Through the optic nerve.

The optic nerve carries the visual information to the brain. Which is responsible for processing the information. By sending it to the various centres of the brain. That need that visual information.

People should think about what they use their eyesight for. And how many things it encompasses. For looking at objects. But also for reading. For communicating with people. For maneuvering through the world.

Almost everything that people do. Uses the visual system in some way. And that is reflected in the brain. There are thirty-two centres of the brain. Specifically for visual tasks. While there are over.

Three hundred connections in the brain that uses vision. And one way or another. These centres and connections in the brain. Are located literally throughout the entire brain. Which means no matter what.

Part of the brain was injured. There will be parts. Of the vision system in that location. This is why 70% of concussion sufferers. Will experience vision system symptoms. And why most people.

Who do not have concussion symptoms resolved. After thirty days. Will need to find a vision therapist. In order to help them with getting a concussion treatment in Edmonton. To help them heal their vision system.

For people in Edmonton, all they have to do. Is call vision by design optometry. There vision therapists are actually specialists. In healing concussion syndromes.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Often Can Disturb Vision

Many people may not realize how common it is to need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. That heals the vision system. In fact, 70% of concussion sufferers.

Actually experience damage to their vision system. Which means they will need to find. A concussion treatment in Edmonton that specifically. Heals the vision system itself.

They can get that from a vision therapist. A vision therapist is a doctor of optometry. Who has taken additional education. In order to become a vision therapist. While all vision therapists are optometrists.

Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which is why it can be difficult, for some people to find help. While there is a website, about how much in Canada. That has a section devoted.

To listing all of the vision therapist’s in Canada. Organized by province. People in Edmonton, therefore simply have to call vision by design optometry. In order to get an appointment. With the vision therapist directly.

They will first to conduct what is called a vision exam. Which is much more in-depth. Then a standard eye exam. It will take approximately an hour, to an hour and a half to complete.

Because there will be many different tests. As well as exercises and measurements. To complete in order to find out. If the vision system is damaged. If so, what areas were damaged.

And how extensive the damage is. Once they have discovered this. It will ultimately allow them able to make the right diagnosis. And have the best concussion treatment in Edmonton defined.


Some patients will only need therapeutic lenses. Such as lenses with prisms. That will therefore help their brain process. The visual information once more. Some people might need prescription lenses.

To eliminate double or blurred vision. While others, will require a type of concussion treatment in Edmonton. Called vision therapy. This is a lot like physical therapy, but for the eyes and not the body.

However, it is quite similar to physical therapy. Where the therapist leads the patient. Through a series of exercises. Designed to strengthen the eye muscles. And make the neural connections that were damaged.

During the initial injury. While vision therapy can take several months. In half-hour sessions, once a week. At the vision therapist’s office. Most patients ultimately report. Having a significant improvement to their symptoms.

Which leads to a better quality of life. And, finally and ability to return to all of their regular activities. Such as reading, driving. And going back to work. If people are experiencing vision symptoms.

And they have had a concussion in the past two months. They should check their symptoms, and make an appointment. With the vision therapist. Symptoms that should cause them to be concerned include.

Headaches, sensitivity to light. Having trouble focusing. Discomfort in busy visual environments. Difficulty doing visual tasks like reading. Having blurred or double vision. Loss of reading skills.

As well as loss of reading comprehension. As well as balance problems, and depth perception problems. Any of these symptoms. Should cause any concussion patient to find a vision therapist right away.