Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Disrupt Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Disrupt Vision

If people have persistent symptoms following a concussion, they will likely need a specific concussion treatment in Edmonton. Depending on what these symptoms are. Will require a variety of different treatments.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

However, studies have shown. That 70% of concussion patients. Actually show visual symptoms. As part of the damage, from the concussion. The reason why this is so prevail in.

Is because of how extensive. The vision system is. When it comes to where things are located in the brain. Because there are so many different centres of the brain. That deal specifically with vision.

As well as three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision in some way. For example, how people use visual cues. In order to communicate. As well as use vision. To help them move and balance.

There are three hundred connections, that will need to receive. Various visual bits of information. The brain stem is the part responsible. For sending all of the different visual pieces of information.

To the different areas of the brain that need it. However, when there is a concussion. The neural pathways in the area that was injured. Are either damaged or completely destroyed.

Since the vision system is extremely extensive. This is why chances are very high. That no matter what part of the brain was injured. It will have included at least one or more parts. Of the visual system.


People should be very aware. Of the different symptoms that point. To a damaged visual system. So that they can contact a vision therapist. In order to get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

These symptoms include light sensitivity, headaches. And trouble focusing. Because they have blurred or double vision. But also, much more intangible symptoms. Such as discomfort or difficulty.

Being in a visually stimulating environment. Such as walking in a large crowd. Shopping in a very busy mall. Or even something as simple. As watching a movie, with a lot of action sequences.

However, the list of symptoms do not stop there. People can experience symptoms such as losing their place when they are reading. Having to read to something slower than they are used to. Or having reduced reading comprehension.

As well, the symptoms may not even appear. To be vision related. With balance, and depth perception often being affected. However, these are vision symptoms. And only an accredited vision therapist.

Working with the patient. Will be able to put together the right. Concussion treatment in Edmonton that will help them. This will be after an extremely extensive vision examination. That is much more in-depth.

Than a standard, routine eye exam. Where the doctor will simply be determining. If a patient can see things clearly or not. This vision exam is an hour and a half in length. But at the end.

Patients will have the right treatment. And can start working on putting the damage from their concussion. Behind them, to return to all of their regular activities.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Can Significantly Disrupt Vision

Concussions are very interesting, and not all require a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In fact, it is one of the only injuries. Where people are told. That they need to wait to seek treatment.

While it is important. To see a doctor immediately following a concussion. Many people are unaware. That symptoms can appear. Two weeks after the initial event. Even a brain scan done immediately after.

The initial injury, or even done a week later. May not show all of the damage. Therefore, while an initial check is needed. To ensure that a patient is not. Gravely injured after the accident.

If they are diagnosed with a concussion. They typically are told to wait. One month. So that all of the symptoms that will show up. Will be present. And in the meantime, many symptoms that were immediately present.

May in fact resolve within one month of the original injury. This makes a concussion even more difficult. Not only to diagnose. But to find the right treatment for their specific injury. And extent of their injury.

Something else that makes it very difficult. To find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is the fact that different parts of the brain that are injured. Requires different treatments.

For example, it is the neural pathways that are damaged. Or destroyed during a concussion. And if the part of the brain. Affects a person’s speech, they will need. A speech therapist to help them recover.


However, if the part of the brain. That was injured, includes their legs. And the neural pathways that control their legs. They will need a physiotherapist. In order to regain control of those neural pathways.

However, since the vision system. Is located throughout the brain. 70% of concussion patients. Experience vision symptoms. Which means almost all patients that need.

A concussion treatment in Edmonton. Will also need a vision therapist. And while many of these therapists. Can work on their own. Because vision is tied to so many other brain functions.

Like motion, speech and communication. If a speech therapist. Or a physiotherapist discovers that the patient. Is no longer progressing the way they are expected. It is often because the vision system needs to be healed.

In order for the patient. To make more improvements. In other areas of their brain and body. This is why it can be difficult. Finding the right treatment. However, when a patient does find.

A vision therapist to work with. They are happy working alone. Or, collaborating with one. Or even multiple therapists. In order to coordinate therapy. In order to completely heal the body and the mind.

When people are looking for such a vision therapist. They should contact vision by design optometrist clinic. While they are a full-service optometry centre. They also have vision therapists on staff.

Who specialize in healing the brain from concussion damage. In order to make an appointment. People are required to call. In order to arrange a vision exam, and consultation.