Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Alter Vision Systems

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Alter Vision Systems

The reason why people have trouble seeing, immediately after a concussion and why they might need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is because concussions are extremely likely.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

To damage the vision system in the patient’s brain. In order to understand why. People must understand first. What happens when they get a concussion in the first place. Patients get a concussion.

When the brain. Hits the inside of their skull. After their head either stops moving quickly. Or switches directions quickly. The best example of this, is if someone is in a collision with their car.

One of the biggest misconceptions about concussions. Is that they must sustain. Head injury, in order to suffer. From a concussion. This is not true at all. And while many concussions involve head injury.

Not all of them have to. Take for example, a car accident. Where people get whiplash. Their heads are not hitting anything. But they still sustain. This brain injury from the accident.

Football players getting tackled. hockey players getting body checked into the board. Even someone tripping and falling down. With enough force. Even if they do not hit their head. Can cause a concussion.

This is one of the trickiest things about a concussion. And many people may not even know. That they need to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Or that the troubling symptoms.

That they are suddenly experiencing. Came from an incident. That happened two weeks ago. That did not in fact injure them. And what the damage is. That comes from the concussion. Is that the neural connections.


That communicate between the body. And the brain and vice versa. Are actually damaged, or completely destroyed. While researchers once widely believed. That this damage was permanent.

They have now discovered. That the brain has an amazing ability. To heal, and grow from damage. In what researchers describe as neuro- plasticity. It refers to the moulds ability of the brain.

However, while the brain can heal a lot of the damage. On its own. Damage that lingers, particularly from a concussion. Specifically needs to be healed by a specialist. 70% of concussion patients.

Will end up with a damaged visual system. The reason why, is because the visual system is extremely extensive. Most centres of the brain. Our included in one spot in the brain. And nowhere else.

Vision is the only centre of the brain. That is widely spread out. Simply because so many areas of the brain. Use vision as part. Or as a main way. That they do that specific job.

Therefore, no matter what part of the brain is injured. During a concussion. Chances are, part of the vision system was there. And also was damaged. Which is why it is such a common image.

Of people having a concussion. And seeing double, or being dizzy. These are all symptoms. Of a damaged vision system. The concussion treatment in Edmonton they should look for.

Is vision therapy, led by a vision therapist. The find out more information. Patients can contact vision by design, located in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Alter The Brain's Vision Systems

Although it is extremely common for a vision system to be damaged, requiring concussion treatment in Edmonton. Patients should not start looking for treatment immediately.

Simply because it will take time. For all of the symptoms to surface. And by the time all of the symptoms have surfaced. Some of the first symptoms. Will already have been resolved.

That is partly what makes treating a concussion so difficult. It can take up to two weeks for all of the symptoms. To show up. Much like a bruise shows up. Days after the initial injury.

And by the time all of the symptoms are present. Some of the first symptoms will have healed. Therefore, while it is important. That concussion patients visit a doctor.

They do not need to rush out yet. In order to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Until one month after the incident. By then, the symptoms that remain. Will require treatment.

When it comes to the symptoms that people are experiencing. 70% of concussion patients. Have vision symptoms as part how the concussion presents. And while they can have vision symptoms.

Those symptoms in and of themselves. Are extremely wide spread. And not always seemingly related. To the vision system at all. Some very obvious symptoms include sensitivity to light. Having blurred or double vision.


Being visually overwhelmed. Such as having a hard time. Driving home in rush hour traffic. Being overwhelmed in a crowd. Or in a very busy environment, like a mall. People might have a hard time reading.

They might lose their place, must read things slower. Or have reduced reading comprehension. And while these are common symptoms that are obviously related to a damaged vision system.

Some of the symptoms that are not obviously will aided. To a damaged vision system include headaches, being dizzy. Losing balance. While walking, running or standing. Having a loss of depth perception.

And being unable to judge. How close, or faraway something is. Because of how extensive the vision system is. These symptoms may not make a lot of sense. But if they have been working with a doctor.

If these symptoms that linger. The doctor should recommend. Not only finding a vision therapist. But recommending what vision therapist they can go to. To get a vision exam that will tell them.

Specifically what parts of the visual system they damaged. As well as how significantly it is damaged. And once they have determined that. They will know the type of concussion treatment in Edmonton.

The patient will need. Whether it is vision therapy. Prescription lenses. Or therapeutic lenses, or a combination. Of some or all of the above. When people are ready to talk to a vision therapist.

The first call they should make. Should be to vision by design, in Edmonton. There vision therapists on staff. Specialize in concussion syndrome treatment.