Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Affect Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Affect Vision

All too often, a person who has had a concussion needs a concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to heal their vision system. Many people do not understand. How a vision system can get damaged during a concussion.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

In order to understand that, people should understand. How their visual system works. When people look at something. Light carries the information. Through the lens of their eye. And lands at the back of the eye.

Called the retina. The retina then uses the optic nerve. To take that visual information. To the brainstem, which is responsible. For sorting that information. And sending bits of information. To the centres of the brain.

That need that information. This is an extremely complicated task. Because there are so many different connections in the brain. That use vision. As well as so many centres of the brain, that depend on vision.

For example, there are thirty-two centres of the brain dealing with vision. And three hundred connections in the brain. Using vision information. These connections and centres are located.

Literally, throughout the entire brain. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain. Is injured during a concussion. Whether it is the front, the back. Or either side, chances are significant.

That part of the visual system will have been damaged in the process. This is why people will need to go see a vision therapist. In order to get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. That will help them heal properly.


While 70% of all concussion patients. End up with damaged visual systems. People may not realize. The symptoms that they are experiencing. Indicate a damaged visual system. For example, people might have light sensitivity.

In addition to difficulty focusing their eyes. They might lose focus while reading. Read slower, or lose comprehension. When they are reading something, on the computer. Or on a page in front of them.

Quite often, people might have double vision, or have their balance affected. And they may lose the ability. To judge depths correctly. These all point to a damaged visual system.

The best thing to do, would be to visit a vision therapist. Which is an optometrist who has taken. Additional education. Not only are they able to test for damage to the visual system.

But if they discover. That a person does in fact have damage. They are able to utilize a series of methods. To rehabilitate their visual system. They can either use therapeutic lenses.

Such as prescription lenses. Or lenses with tints, or prisms in them. Or, they may require a vision rehabilitation program. Called vision therapy. This is a lot like physiotherapy, but for the eyes.

For the most part, 90% of patients who get help. From a vision therapist are able to resolve their symptoms. So that they are able to get back to all of the activities that they enjoy.

When people are looking for a vision therapist to help them. Get the concussion treatment in Edmonton that they need. Patients should look no further than vision by design, located in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Can Greatly Affect Vision

One of the side effects of a concussion that actually requires concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is when people have damaged their vision system. This is actually much more common than people realize.

There are three hundred connections in the brain. And thirty-two centres in the brain dealing with vision. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain. Was injured during a concussion. Or how severe or mild the injury is.

Chances are significant, that one or more parts. Of the vision system has been damaged. People should be aware of the symptoms. That they may experience that indicate. A damaged vision system.

People might have headaches, sensitivity to light. Trouble focusing either close up or far away. They might have discomfort in visual environments. For example, like when they are driving in their car.

Or when they are watching action movies. Scrolling through information on their phone. And even walking through crowds. A person might discover that they all of a sudden have difficulty.

With a wide variety of visual tasks. Like reading, or working on a computer, tablet or their phone. They might have difficulty, because they have double vision. Or, they could instead lose their place while reading.

They may take a much longer time to read a passage. Or, not be able to understand. Exactly what the passage they have just read meant. These are just some of the symptoms.


People can also find that their balance is affected. To be over when they are standing or walking. Or being unable to ride a bike suddenly. They might discover that they are unable to judge depth perception correctly.

And while 70% of people. Who have suffered a concussion. Will experience visual symptoms. Most will not require any treatment whatsoever. As most of these visual symptoms. Typically resolve.

Within one month of the original injury. However, for 10% of the population. They do require concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to resolve their difficulties.

This is where going to a vision therapist is significant. Not only are they able to offer a vision exam. Which is much more comprehensive. Then a standard eye exam. It will take approximately an hour and a half.

In order for the vision therapist to do. The significant number of measurements, and exercises. That will tell them what they need to know. About whether their vision system is damaged. If so how damaged it is.

And specifically what parts are damaged. The right concussion treatment in Edmonton may simply be therapeutic or prescription lenses. That will help the brain process information.

Whereas other patients will need some more in-depth treatment. Called vision therapy, or a vision rehabilitation program. This will take place. In half-hour increments at the vision therapist’s office.

Where they will use a series of visual skills. They will be guided through. In order to heal their vision system. Often in approximately six months to a year.