Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Affect Sight

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Affect Sight

Even if people understand that they had a concussion, finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can be harder than many people realize. Not just because healing from concussion damage.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Takes time. But because the brain is actually so complex. And it is very difficult for people to know. Exactly what to do to heal all of the damage. Depending on what area of the brain was injured.

They may need different health professionals. It is very common for many people. To end up in physical therapy. In order to help heal their injury. Where the physical therapist takes them through exercises.

That are designed to help train the brain. What connections, also known as neural pathways. Need to be fixed. Or need to be made again. As concussions can often sever neural pathways.

However, while physical therapy. Works for people who have damaged. The neural pathways that control their body. This is not the only type of damage. That the brain can sustain.

In fact, the single most common type of damage. That people get from concussions. Involves damage to their vision system. The reason why, is because the vision system is extraordinarily complex.

As the retina, and optic nerve. Carry visual information. To the brain for processing. People need to understand. That there are thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal with vision directly.


And three hundred connections in the brain, or neural pathways. That utilize sight in some way. People only need to consider their own day today routine. In order to understand how many tasks depend on their eyesight.

From communication, speaking tape of communication. To written communication. To getting from one place to the other. People are using vision in every single one of these tasks.

Because these connections are literally located. Over the entirety of a person’s brain. No matter what part of the brain. Hit the inside of their skull. When they got there concussion. Chances are very good.

That they damaged some part of their vision system in the process. This is why 70% of concussion sufferers. Have partially damaged their vision system as well. Therefore, people should be aware.

Of common visual system symptoms. So that if they have any of these symptoms. For longer than a month. That is there you. To find a visual therapist. In order to get an assessment.

And find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. That is designed. To specifically heal their damaged vision system. Some symptoms can include, but are not limited to.

Headaches and sensitivity to light. Having trouble focusing. Often with blurred or double vision. All the time, or either when they are looking at things. Close up, or focusing on things far away.

People may have trouble reading. Lose their reading comprehension, or have limited balance and no depth perception. When people are looking for a vision therapist to help them. All they have to do.

Is contact vision by design. Located in West Edmonton. Not only do they have vision therapists on staff. They also specialize in concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Affect Eye Sight And Vision

Many people misunderstand what a concussion is, therefore do not realize what they need is a concussion treatment in Edmonton. And that they are mistaken. About simply being exhausted, or needing a vacation.

While more sleep, and rest is always positive. A lot of the time. People are actually suffering from a concussion. And they do not even know it. The reason why many people are not aware that they sustained this injury.

Is because many people are very mistaken. About what a concussion is. The assumption is that a concussion is brain damage. Following a head injury. And while head injuries can certainly cause concussions.

Patients should understand, that the two are actually mutually exclusive. And that head injury does not need to be present. In order for a patient to have sustained a concussion type injury.

What a concussion is. Is an injury where a person has been moving a certain speed in one direction. And then either stopped. Or suddenly switched direction very quickly. Because their brain is floating.

In brain fluid inside their skull. If they suddenly stops. Or switched directions. The brain would not follow suit. Because it is suspended in liquid. The brain continues in the direction the body was originally travelling.

And will hit the inside of the skull. Which is what causes the damage, and concussion. If people have trouble visualizing how this happens. All they need to do. Is think about holding a Of water. With no lid.

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Inside a moving vehicle. If someone was to either turn a corner very fast. Or slam on the brakes. The water in the cup would likely spill over the side. The same thing will happen with their brain.

Therefore, the incident. That causes the concussion. Does not have to be significant. And as well, does not need to be a head injury. People can sustain concussions. During sporting events all of the time.

Such as football players that are tackled. Hockey players that are body checked. And even soccer players that head the ball. Even if a person trips, and falls to the ground hard. Even if they did not hit their head.

They might have developed a concussion from the incident. What makes things even worse. And harder for people to understand. That they need to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is the fact that.

Symptoms of a concussion. Can show up immediately after the incident. Or, it can take them. Up to two weeks to surface. And if the incident was relatively mild. According to a person’s recollection.

They may be very confused. As to why they are experiencing. Symptoms, such as sensitivity to light, headaches. Trouble reading, and difficulty focusing. With blurred or double vision.

However, if these symptoms have been lingering. For longer than a month. Even if a person that does not realize. That they have sustained a concussion. They should see a vision therapist.

In order to get an assessment, will be able to help them determine. If they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton or not.