Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Disturb Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Disturb Vision

Many people may not realize, but some of the most important concussion treatment in Edmonton. Would be performed by a vision therapist. Because most concussion sufferers.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Experience visual symptoms. As a part of the damage to their brain. And this can be healed, with the right vision therapy. In order to understand how this happens. People need to understand both concussions.

As well as understand, how the visual system works. First of all, the visual system is extensive. Using the eyes, as well as the brains. As people open their eyes, light passes through the lens of their eye. Which is located in the front.

And the light information, lands on the back. Of their eye, which is called the retina. The retina is attached to what is called the optic nerve. Which takes this light information. To the brainstem.

And the brainstem, is responsible. For sending that information. To all of the centres and connections in the brain. That need that information to use. And it is not just one optic nerve that is sending information to the brain.

Each eye has its own retina, and optic nerve. And for every moment that a person’s eyes are open. The brain is constantly feeding this information. To the various connections in the brain that need it.

To get an idea of how massive this task is. People should understand that there are thirty-two centres of the brain. Specifically dealing with vision. Meanwhile there are three hundred connections.


In the brain that use vision in some way. These connections are called neural pathways. These are the connections that are damaged during a concussion. When a concussion happens.

The brain which is suspended. In brain fluid, is unable. To correct its course when the head either changes direction suddenly. Or stops moving altogether. Such as when they are in a car accident.

Or, when a football player. Gets tackled to the ground by an opponent. Contrary to popular belief. The head does not even have to be hit. In order to get a concussion.

The damage that happens. Is to the neural pathways in the brain. They are either damaged. Or completely severed altogether. And while researchers have known for many years.

That the best concussion treatment in Edmonton. Can actually repair and remake. Those broken connections. Many people did not realize. For many years. That the vision system was also damaged.

During a concussion, simply because the vision system. Has hundreds of connections. Literally all over a patient’s brain. Therefore, it is extremely likely. That a concussion sufferers. Will have damaged their vision system.

Which means part of a patient’s concussion treatment in Edmonton. Needs to be done by a vision therapist. They will be able to direct the patient to do the exercises. Designed to heal their vision system.

And will often work. In conjunction with other therapists. To heal the body, and brain holistic leave. If people are looking for such a vision therapist. All they have to do is contact vision by design. Located in West Edmonton.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Disturb Vision

Many people may miss understand what concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they need to heal their brain. When people are in an accident. Therapists now what exercises are needed.

In order to heal the body. And up until recently. Researchers and doctors did not know. That it was possible to heal the mind. It was once widely accepted. That the brain simply could not recover.

This is now known to be untrue. And the brain’s ability to heal and grow. For its entire life. Is referred to as neuro- plasticity. Referencing the malleability of plastic. And comparing it to that malleability of the brain.

However, exactly what treatment. Is going to be the most beneficial. Is individual for each patient. Depending on what area of the brain was hit. How hard the brain hit the inside of the skull.

And specifically what brain connections and neural pathways. Were damaged, or completely severed. Will make up a very different concussion treatment in Edmonton. For every individual patient.

Identical injuries. That happened at the same time, in the same area of the brain. Can lead to very different symptoms. And even more troubling, is the fact that many symptoms.

Might look like one type of damage. But, is in fact not what it appears to be. A great example of this. Is looking at a patient’s vision system. Often, when the vision system is damaged.

People might have balance problems. They may have difficulty walking, because they are dizzy. They might have headaches. And feel very overwhelmed. In visually stimulating environments.


They may have trouble comprehending things that they have read. And while these things are not necessarily what people would associate. With a vision syndrome. They all are related.

In addition to these symptoms. Other symptoms that indicate. A patient needs a vision therapist. In order to help them with their concussion treatment in Edmonton. Is sensitivity to light.

Trouble focusing because they have blurred vision. Or because they have double vision. They might lose their place when they are reading. Or, need to take extra time to read the same passage.

They even may have trouble judging depth perception. And are often quite dizzy. Many people might assume that they have an inner ear problem. Or that these issues, are not necessarily related.

To their concussion, or their injury. Even if they recognize. That they were injured in the first place. A large percentage of concussion sufferers. Do not even know that they were hurt. Because their body is fine.

And the symptoms that they are experiencing. Set in two weeks after any incident they had. In fact, people can be suffering from something. Called a post concussion syndrome. Where symptoms of a concussion.

Linger for more than three months. And can in fact, stick around for years. If these are the symptoms that people have. They should contact a vision therapist. In order to get an assessment. And get the treatment. That they need to function.