Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Be Healed

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Be Healed

It is very important, that if people have sustained a concussion, that they find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. One of the biggest problems misconceptions that people have.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Is thinking that all that it takes to heal from a concussion. Is time, and it may take a long time. In order to overcome those symptoms. While there is a small grain of truth to this assumption.

Concussions can show up slowly. Through approximately two weeks, after the initial injury. Different concussion symptoms can surface. While many people may have symptoms immediately after the injury.

Symptoms can continue to show up, as late as two weeks after the event. And if people went to the doctor, in order to get a brain scan. Before that two-week mark. The results make shows that there is no damage.

Because it takes the brain a while, to register some damage it has received. Therefore, during those first two weeks. The concussion treatment in Edmonton that is recommended. Is getting a lot of rest.

That does not necessarily need resting and body. Although, depending on how much their body was injured in their accident. That caused the concussion in the first place.

May want to rest of their body. To ensure that they do not injure their body more. However, if their body feels good. The kind of rest that they should be getting. Would be resting their brain.


They should avoid watching too many things on a digital screen. And avoid reading for long periods of time. That way, they can give their brain the rest. And hopefully avoid making any concussion symptoms worse.

The symptoms that do show up within two weeks. Can eventually heal within three months. They may heal quickly or slowly. And they might completely fade away.

Therefore, there is not a lot that a person can do. In order to get a concussion treatment Edmonton. Because there is no point in treating symptoms, that are likely going to resolve on their own.

However, once the symptoms persist. For more than three months. It is unlikely that they are going to resolve on their own. And people may wait for weeks, months or years.

And be dealing with symptoms. That could have easily been resolved. With the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. When people are looking to eliminate their symptoms.

From a concussion that they sustained. And it was longer than three months ago. They may not know where to go first. In order to get the treatment that they need. Because they are not sure.

What part of the brain was damaged in the concussion. However, a great place to start. Would be with a vision therapist. Because of the high likelihood. That the vision system is damaged in the concussion in the first place.

Therefore, by calling vision by design in Edmonton. People can arrange an assessment done by a certified a vision therapist. To find out if in fact they did damage that part of their brain. If so, how damaged it is. And what treatment is going to help resolve their symptoms.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Be Healed

Many people may not realize how likely, they will need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. From a vision therapist following a brain injury caused by a concussion.

However, people need to understand. How complex the visual system is. 80% of what people do in the world. Uses some form of visual information. From moving, to communication. Memory, recognition and more.

Will utilize some form of vision connection in their brain. And instead of having one section in the brain. Related to all things visual. Because visual is involved in so many other brain activities.

The connections relating to vision. Are all over the brain as well. In fact, experts say that there are thirty-two areas of the brain that deal with vision. And three hundred connections in the brain that deal with vision on some level.

Therefore, no matter what part of the brain was injured. The front, back or either side. Will likely have caused some damage. To some aspects of the visual system.

Therefore, finding a vision therapist. Can actually help people get the concussion treatment in Edmonton that they need. How extensive the vision system is.

And how many functions it is involved in. Is why when part of the vision system is damaged during a concussion. People might end up with an extremely wide variety of symptoms.


Some common symptoms of a damaged vision system. Include blurred or double vision. That either show up immediately after the injury. Or can take two weeks to surface. Some people might have dry eyes.

Or losing focus, or losing their place. While they are reading. Because the tracking part of their vision system has been damaged. However, not all of the symptoms are obvious.

That they relate to the vision system. Such as balance problems, dizziness and motion sensitivity. That many people might actually equate to inner ear trouble. Instead of vision problem.

However, the reason why people might have these types of dizziness and balance issues. Is because the brain is actually struggling. To process visual information. From a damaged vision system.

No matter if people have minor symptoms, or symptoms that are causing them a lot of difficulties. If the symptoms persist past three months. They need to find a concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Because symptoms that persist longer than three months. Are called a post concussion syndrome. And they are not likely going to resolve on their own. Not even after months, or years.

Therefore, when people have persistent symptoms. Even if they are not sure that it is related to a concussion. Being proactive, and getting an assessment from a vision therapist.

Can help people get the peace of mind that they need. That either yes that is what is causing their symptoms. And then they can get the right treatment. Or no, that is not what is causing their symptoms. But least the vision therapist will likely have a better idea. Of the next place for people to find help.