Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Alter Vision Systems

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Alter Vision Systems

Many people may not realize, that the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they need, will come from a vision therapist. However, it is highly likely. That they will have damaged part of their vision system.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

During this brain injury that they sustained. Concussions are very tricky. Because while many people believe. That they come from head injury. The fact of the matter is. This is not always true.

While a head injury can definitely cause the conditions. Necessary to sustain a concussion. What makes a concussion. Is if the brain inside the skull. Hits the skull. Usually after the head either stops moving suddenly.

Or suddenly switches direction. Therefore, a head injury will typically because the brain. To hit the inside of the skull. But also, incidents that do not involve hitting the head. Could also cause a concussion to occur.

For example, a car accident. Where people get whiplash. However they do not hit their head. Also, concussions are very common. In sports, even when the players heads are not hit. Such as a football player being tackled.

Even something as mild as a person tripping. And hitting the ground hard. But not hitting their head. Could in fact cause a concussion. And even if their body was not injured. They might start experiencing symptoms.

These symptoms should not be overlooked. And even though a person may not realize. That they have had a brain injury. Symptoms may in fact persist. For months, or even years.


And while concussions are far more common. Then many people realize. The reason why. They will typically need to find. A vision therapist to help them get. The right concussion treatment in Edmonton.

Is because they are very likely. To have damaged their vision system in the process. Because of how widespread. The neural pathways in the brain. That deal with vision are.

Most centres of the brain. Our in one small area. However vision is the only brain function. That is spread throughout the entire brain. Simply because so many different body functions.

Require the use of vision. From balance, to speech. Reading and communication. Vision is ever present. This means, there are not only thirty-two centres of the brain. Dealing with vision. Located throughout the brain.

But there are also three hundred connections. Also located throughout the brain. Which means no matter what part of the brain was injured. Chances are very high. That part of the vision system was injured as well.

Therefore, if a patient is experiencing symptoms. Lingering more than one month. After the original injury. That is the best time. To seek out a vision therapist. Who will conduct a vision exam.

And will come up with the best concussion treatment in Edmonton for each individual patient. Whether it is vision therapy. Prescription lenses, therapeutic lenses.

Or a mixture of some or all of the above. The treatment will help people regain quality of life. While resolving symptoms.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussions Actually Alter Vision Systems

People should be aware of symptoms that point to a damaged vision system, because that will require getting a concussion treatment in Edmonton. From a vision therapist.

In fact, researchers say that 70%. Of all concussion patients. Have a damaged visual system. And while most concussion patients. Actually have their symptoms resolved on their own. Within a month of the injury.

10% of concussion patients. Have symptoms that linger. When the symptoms indicate. A damaged vision system. That is when patients should seek help. From an accredited vision therapist.

The types of symptoms. That patients should be aware of. Include headaches and sensitivity to light but also. Trouble focusing, such as having blurred or double vision. Or simply trouble concentrating.

People might find that they have a hard time. Or are overwhelmed. In a visually stimulating environment. Such as in a crowd, at the mall, when driving in rush-hour traffic. Or watching movies with a lot of action.

People might find that their reading comprehension is limited. Or that they lose their place. Whenever they try to read a sentence. They may take twice as long to read a sentence.

But also, the symptoms that they experience. May not even appear. To be related to vision at all. Such as loss of balance. Including difficulties standing and walking. Trouble judging distance.


And not being able to see depth perception any longer. These all indicate. Different damage to the vision system. And a vision therapist will need. To conduct a thorough exam.

This is much more comprehensive than a standard eye exam. Where the goal is to find out. If someone can see clearly or not. There are many more measurements and exercises. That the therapist must do.

In order to determine. If the patient has damaged their vision system. If so, how significantly. And what types of concussion treatment in Edmonton. Will be responsive in that patient. They might utilize vision therapy.

Which is a lot like physiotherapy. But instead of for the patients body. It will be for the patients eyes. For the therapist guides the patient. Through a series of exercises. Designed to train the eyes.

And repair the neural pathways. That were damaged during the concussion. With time, most vision therapists are able. To completely resolve their patients symptoms. Giving them a better quality of life.

So that they can return to regular activities. Such as reading and driving, and ultimately working. If they have been off work because of their injury. This vision therapy might need help with prescription or therapeutic lenses.

And while it may take between six months to a year. In order to improve their symptoms. And the symptoms may not completely go away. All patients report. Improving their life significantly through this treatment.

When patients are ready to contact a vision therapist themselves. They can reach out by phone. To vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton. They will be able to arrange a consultation. To help them find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton.