Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussion Damage Involve Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Can Concussion Damage Involve Vision

It is possible for people to have a concussion and not know it, which makes finding a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Extremely difficult. In fact, a large percentage of people who get concussions.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Do not even know that they sustained this type of injury at all. Many people often believe. That concussions are caused. By head injuries. And while that can be the case sometimes. It does not have to be.

The way people sustain this type of injury. Any activity that causes a person to change direction. Very quickly or stop, while their brain. Which is suspended in brain fluid. To continue forward.

Can cause a concussion. When the brain hits the inside of the skull. Therefore, things like tripping and falling. Even if they did not hit their head. A car accident, or minor fender bender.

Or a wide variety of sporting incidents. Where people collide, or tackled. Or are hit. Can cause a concussion. Even something deliberate, like heading the ball in soccer. Can cause damage.

Therefore, people should be aware. Of types of incidences. That can cause concussions. And be aware. Of the most common type of concussion symptoms. Since the vision system is quite extensive.

The vast majority of concussion sufferers. Such as 70% of all patients. Sustain vision system damage. During their concussion injury. Therefore, people should be aware of symptoms. That will indicate.


That they have sustained such a concussion. And that they should contact a professional. To help them find. The most appropriate concussion treatment in Edmonton. Symptoms that they should watch for.

Include sensitivity to light, headaches and trouble concentrating. As well as having a hard time seeing close up. Or far away, by having either blurred vision, or double vision. As well people might find.

That they have difficulty doing tasks. That they used to have no problems with. Such as reading on a computer. Scrolling on their phone, or reading anything at all. They may find that they lose their place.

When they are reading a passage. Or, that their reading speed has dramatically decreased. People might find that when they get to the end of the passage or paragraph. They do not understand what they just read.

Balance can even be affected. Even though it does not seem that it would be. Related to vision at all. As well as a loss of depth perception. These all indicate a damaged vision system.

And a person should find a vision therapist. In order to get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. However, before they do this. They need to ensure that they had the symptoms.

For approximately one month or longer. Because with most concussions. They do resolve on their own. In about thirty days. Therefore, until a person has had the symptoms that long.

There is nothing that they can do. Except rest, watch their symptoms. And avoid any activities. That may tend to exacerbate their symptoms. This can help many people get their life back to normal.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Concussions Often Damage Your Vision Systems

While many people do not realize they have sustained a concussion, and they do not know they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Even people who know they have this type of injury.

Do not realize how likely it is. That they also likely damaged. Their vision system in the process. However, many people do not understand. How a brain injury. Can cause their eyes to have a problem.

People should understand. How their eyes and brain work together. And why a damaged visual system. Requires a concussion treatment in Edmonton. When people look at objects with their eyes.

Light carries the images and information. Through the front of their eyes, called the lens. To the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is attached. To the optic nerve which is responsible.

For carrying this visual information from each eye. To the brainstem, for processing. The brainstem is responsible for sorting and organizing. The vast amounts of visual information it receives.

By sending it to the correct part of the brain. That needs it. The brainstem is doing this every second of every day. That a person has their eyes open. And while this seems like a very complicated job.

It gets even more complex. When people realize. That there are thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal specifically with vision. While there is only one centre of the brain. To deal with most other tasks.


as well, there are three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision as well. Which means this visual information. Is being sent all over the brain. In order to allow people. To use their eyes properly.

Because these connections and centres. Are located everywhere in the brain. No matter what part of the brain. Was injured during a concussion. Chances are very good.

That part of the vision system. Was located in that area as well. And was likely, damaged at the same time. This is why 70% of concussion patients. Have visual symptoms as a result of their injury.

And while many researchers once believed. That a concussion treatment in Edmonton was not possible. Because the injury sustained. Was permanent for the rest of their life. They now realize that the brain.

Can heal and learn and grow. In a process they have the neuro- plasticity. Which means this damage can actually be healed. If not on the brain’s own. Then, aided by a professional. Such as a vision therapist.

Who will help patients. Find the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. In order to get this type of help. They need to perform. A very comprehensive and thorough test. Called a vision exam.

They will do many measurements. And a wide variety of tests. To figure out what parts. Of the vision system is damaged. How damaged it is. So that they can come up with the best treatment to help each patient resolve their symptoms.