Concussion Treatment Edmonton

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Brain Injuries And Vision

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Brain Injuries And Vision

Brain injuries are very complex, and finding the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. May not be as simple. As some people think. One of the first problems is that many people do not realize.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton

That they suffered a concussion at all. Or that they need a concussion treatment in Edmonton. Many people have the misunderstood belief. That in order to have suffered a concussion. They needed to have a head injury as well.

While many head injuries do in fact. Result in a concussion. A head injury does not need to be present. And a person does not need to be hit in the head. In order to suffer from a concussion.

People should understand. Exactly what a concussion is. And how it damages the brain. As well as why people. Get the symptoms that they do. From their injury of a concussion.

First of all, people should understand. That the brain is actually suspended in their skull. In brain fluid, and that means. Similar to a cup of water. The brain is floating around. And at the mercy of the body.

If the body either stops suddenly. Or changes direction suddenly. The brain will continue moving. In the direction it was travelling. And this will cause the brain. To actually slam into the side. Of the patient’s skull on the inside.

Since the brain does not have any nerve endings. This is not going to hurt them. However, it can cause. Significant damage to the brain. Depending on how fast people were going.


A good example of how people. Can end up with a concussion. Even if they have not hit their head. Is looking at an automobile accident. During a collision, people might not hit their head at all.

But the collision. Of the two vehicles. Stopping them very quickly. Means that the brain will have hit, the front of the skull. As they stopped suddenly. This is why people who have had concussions.

Often have symptoms immediately. These symptoms can include feeling dizzy, having blurred or double vision. Or having headaches and light sensitivity. These are all symptoms of a damaged vision system.

And no matter what part of the brain. Was hit in the concussion. Chances are quite good. That they damaged some aspect. Of their vision system. Simply because it is extremely extensive.

There are thirty-two centres of the brain. And three hundred connections in the brain. That deal with vision on some level. This is because almost every body function. Uses vision in some way.

Because these connections are located. Literally throughout the entirety of the brain. It does not matter what part of the brain was hit. It will likely damage part of the vision system at the same time.

While some symptoms will resolve. After four weeks. After about a month or month and a half. If people are still experiencing symptoms. These ones are less likely to resolve on their own.

And that is when people can start looking. For the best concussion treatment in Edmonton. Starting with a vision therapist. Since it is incredibly likely. That they still have vision system damage.

Concussion Treatment Edmonton | Brain Injuries And Your Vision

When a person sustains a concussion, they likely damaged their vision system, which means the concussion treatment in Edmonton. That they will need, will be administered. By a vision therapist.

However, many people are unaware. That they have had a concussion. Or, they know they have had one. But they do not realize. That they damaged their vision system in the process.

Concussions can be very misleading. Because while some symptoms. Can show up immediately. Others take up to two weeks to surface. Other people often believe. That the symptoms.

While always resolve on their own. However, researchers agree. That symptoms that do not resolve. Within 4 to 6 weeks. Our unlikely to ever resolve on their own. And need professional help.

In fact, the patients who have symptoms. That have lingered for more than three months. Are not considered to have concussion symptoms anymore. But an entirely new syndrome.

Called post concussion syndrome. Not only are these symptoms. Much more difficult to treat. With the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. But they also, are likely to be more disruptive to the patient’s life.

When people do contact a vision therapist. To help get the right concussion treatment in Edmonton. It will require a comprehensive vision exam. In order to find out. Exactly what areas of the vision system.


Have been damaged. As well as how damaged they are. By the time they are done. The vision therapist will likely have a good idea. Of the type of treatment that is going to be necessary.

They might need prescription lenses. That will help the brain. See things clearly. So that they no longer have blurred or double vision. They might prescribe therapeutic lenses. That have prisms in them.

That will help the brain process visual information. Or, the visual therapist might prescribe vision rehabilitation programs. Also called vision therapy. Which is similar to physiotherapy.

But are for the patient’s eyes, and not their muscles. This program involves riding the patient. Through a series of exercises. Designed to not only strengthen their eye.

But also designed to help train the brain. How to make those connections that were damaged stronger. And how to reconnect. The connections in the brain that were lost. By fixing these neural pathways.

People can over time, resolve their symptoms. While they might need some, or all of the treatments. Most patients who undergo vision therapy. Report having significant improvement.

Other symptoms, in six months to a year. So that they can improve their quality of life, and return to all of their favourite activities. Such as reading, driving. And returning back to work.

When people are looking for a great vision therapist to work with. All they have to do is reach out by phone. To vision by design optometrist clinic in Edmonton. Not only did they have vision therapists on staff. But they specialize in concussion treatments as well.