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Concussion Treatment | Damaged Brains Need Vision Therapy

Concussion Treatment | Damaged Brains Need Vision Therapy

When people have suffered from a concussion, no matter how mild or serious they need the right concussion treatment. And while many people talk to their doctor about what they need to do to heal.

They may not know that it is just as important to see a vision therapist in order to have the most complete concussion treatment. And heal all areas of their body effectively.

The reason why, is because no matter how serious or mild a concussion is. Chances are extremely likely that they have damaged some part of their visual system.

Because even parts of their body that people do not think would require their vision for. They do need vision for. Such as walking, requires vision to balance, as well as engage distance.

Or fine motor skills, require the visual system to help do the delicate close work. And even communication requires vision, as people look for visual cues as they communicate with people.

In fact, according to scientists, there are over three hundred neural connections in the brain. That deal with a person’s visual system. As well as thirty-two centres in the brain that deals with vision in some regard.

With so many different body functions. That depend on the visual system. The matter what part of the brain that was hit that caused the concussion. There is likely some kind of visual system damage.

Which is why the best concussion treatment will involve talking to a vision therapist. About if they need any visual therapy to help their brain heal thoroughly and completely.

In fact, if people do not talk to visual therapist. Even though they might be working with their doctor. Or a physiotherapist to heal their injuries. If they are not working with the visual therapist as well.


They may not be able to heal their brain effectively from all of their injuries. And while many physiotherapists might tell their patient that they are not progressing as fast as they think they should.

That is a good indication that they should also seek help from a visual therapist. That can help them heal visual parts of their brain. So that all aspects of their concussion treatment can be effective.

However, when a person ends up getting a concussion. They should look for specific signs. That points to the fact that they have likely damage their visual system.

And while they might have symptoms immediately after their injury. It is not necessary for all concussion symptoms to show up. And they could end up developing symptoms up to ten days later.

Which can cause a lot of confusion. When people are developing symptoms that they do not realize are related to their head injury. This is why talking to a visual therapist is so important.

Because they will likely able to recognize concussion symptoms. Even if a patient cannot recognize them themselves. By doing that, they will be able to get the help they need to heal properly from a concussion.

The sooner people are able to identify their injuries as concussion injuries. The sooner they might find the help they need to heal.

Concussion Treatment | Damaged Brains Need Vision Therapy

When people have suffered a concussion, finding the right concussion treatment is extremely important. Because without the right treatment, they may not be able to heal their brain injuries.

One assumption that many people make. Is that if they do not get the right treatment for their brain injuries. That time is going to help them heal. But this is not the case.

People can end up with injuries and symptoms for many years. That if they do not know were caused by a concussion. It will be difficult or impossible to treats. Resulting in the symptoms perpetuating for a long time.

Therefore, people should be aware of what some symptoms are. Of a damaged visual system. So that not only can they start talking to their doctor about the right concussion treatment.

So that they can see a visual therapist. To confirm that they have had a damaged visual system during their concussion. And what they can do to fix it.

The first thing that patients should understand. Is that the damage to their visual system that they may have sustained. May affect their vision, or have symptoms that may not be directly related to their visual system.

But if they experience any of the following symptoms. That can actually point to a damaged visual system. Requiring the right concussion treatment from certified visual therapist.


One of the first symptoms could be blurred or double vision. Especially if the blurred or double vision is not consistent. Such as getting blurred vision after being on their computer for several hours.

Or having a hard time switching focus between close-up and faraway. Another symptom is hypersensitivity to motion, or having balance issues. Even when they have not had balance issues before.

Or finding that they are dizzy or nauseous, when they move, or are in a moving vehicle. Even if they have never struggled with motion sickness before either. They can develop eyestrain, headaches as well as dry eye.

And the dry eye comes from the part of their brain that is damaged. Is the part that regulates how fast people blink their eyes. So they do not blink their eyes often enough. Resulting in dry eyes.

If these symptoms show up anywhere between immediately after their concussion. Or up to ten days later. That should be an important sign that they should get themselves to vision therapist medially.

People may not even recognize that they are having those specific symptoms. Just find that they are compensating. By enlarging the font on their computer.

They avoid reading, or they are limiting time on digital devices because of headaches. By knowing the signs, people can help find the right treatment for their concussion. And help heal their brain, and avoid having to live with symptoms for longer than they need to.