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Concussion Treatment | Concussions Damage the Visual System

Concussion Treatment | Concussions Damage the Visual System

Many people may not realize that a concussion can damage their visual system, changing what kind of concussion treatment that can help them. In fact, even if they see a doctor or a physiotherapist.

They may not be talking to the right specialists, that can help identify their damage to their visual systems. Or know how to treat a patient that has sustained damage to their visual system.

However, it is extremely common. For people to damage some parts of their visual system. Simply because there are many different connections in the brain dealing with vision.

There are over three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with persons of visual system. In addition to thirty-two different centres of their brain that deal with vision in some way.

Because of that, no matter what part of the brain has been damaged during a concussion. Likely included some aspect of the visual system. Which is why the right concussion treatment should involve talking to a visual therapist.

For example, people may not realize that they use their visual system for talking, fine motor skills or walking. But all of these skills require using some part of their visual system.

For walking, they need to use their visual system to gauge distance, and ensure that they are walking straight and with balance. So if their ability to walk has been damaged, this part of their visual system is likely damaged also.

Therefore, when they are not seeing a visual therapist as part of their concussion treatment. They may find that not only are they not healing as quickly as they thought they should.


There doctor or their physiotherapist. They find that they are not responding to the treatment like they thought the patient should. However, most vision therapists are happy to work with all doctors and physiotherapists.

Which means they can work together in conjunction with each other. In order to come up with the right treatment. That can help heal all parts of the brain. And in the order that helps them heal completely as well.

Another important thing to take note when people have suffered a concussion. Is not all of their symptoms are going to appear immediately after the event.

However, some people do find that they experience symptoms as soon as the concussion happens. But it can also take up to ten days for some symptoms to appear. Even if the concussion was extremely mild.

Therefore, people need to be aware that they could be developing symptoms up to a week and a half later. And when they suddenly start having headaches that do not seem to be connected to anything.

Or that they have blurred vision in the afternoon. These could be related to their concussion, and to mention it to their doctor. When people have had a concussion, that is an extremely important injury that needs the right treatment to heal from.

Knowing who to talk to help get that treatment and heal thoroughly. Can help many people avoid having to live with symptoms for many years.

Concussion Treatment | Concussions Can Damage the Visual System

One problem with people finding the right concussion treatment. Is they may not think they sustained any damage during their very mild concussion. Or that their concussion was so mild that they do not realize that they had one in the first place.

Many people make the assumption. That they need to be hit in the head in order to get a concussion. But this is simply not true. And people can get a concussion without being hit in the head at all.

Because what causes a concussion, is the brain hitting the inside of their skull. And this can happen several different ways. As long as their head changes speed or velocity.

Quickly, which will result in the brain, which is suspended in brain fluid. To carry on the original momentum of the motion. Which might cause it to hit the inside of their head.

While a car accident involving whiplash can be an example of one way people can get concussion about being hit in the head. There are often other, more gentle injuries that can cause a concussion as well.

For example, if someone trips on the sidewalk and falls to the ground. But does not necessarily hit their head, that can be enough of the velocity change. To cause a concussion.

Or if during a game of hockey, a player gets body checked into the boards. But their head was never hit. That can also result in a concussion. Therefore, even mild injuries can result in this type of brain injury.


And finding the right concussion treatment is incredibly important. And since almost all areas of the brain will have some aspect of visual system attached to it.

When people have suffered any kind of concussion, chances are quite high that they have damaged some part of their visual system. Requiring a visit to their visual therapists office for an assessment.

The different kinds of symptoms that they will be asked about. Include eyestrain, headaches and blurred or double vision. But also symptoms that may not be obvious that they are visual symptoms.

Including being dizzy, nauseous, or developing dry eye. The dry eyes symptom is because they likely damaged the part of their brain that regulates blinking. And so they do not blink as often as they should.

Which gives them dry eye. There visual therapist is going to be able to give them a routine eye exam. And be able to see enough evidence if they believe they have damaged their visual system.

And what they can do from their to give them the best concussion treatment. That can help them heal their brain. And while it is very important to see a visual therapist after a concussion.

Patients should wait anywhere between two weeks to a month. Because while some symptoms can happen immediately after the event. Some will take a while to show up.

Others will disappear as quickly as they showed up. So letting their brain settle up to two weeks or a month. And help ensure that when they do see the visual therapist, the symptoms that they have will be the permanent symptoms they need to heal.