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Why Vision By Design Optometry

We strive to provide the best optometry services in Edmonton. Our doctors emphasize patient education and make time to thoroughly explain your diagnosis and treatment options. We offer an unforgettable patient care experience that includes the most up to date technology to diagnose eye diseases, extended appointment times to provide the most thorough eye care, doctor prescribed custom recommendations for lens designs to ensure you get the best quality vision for the activities you specifically use your eyes for, and a variety of unique frame styles that are durable and lightweight, priced for any budget.

Custom Eyewear Makeovers

At Vision By Design we feel your glasses should be a reflection of your personality and personal style. Our staff are expertly trained in analyzing your face shape and complexion to be able to assist you in choosing a frame that is both flattering and functional. We will ensure your frame shape will highlight your best features, and the colour will be your perfect match. Your eye wear is the first thing people see when they look at your face, so it is important to us that you get a frame that is perfect for you.

Check out the before and after photos from our real patients!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we direct bill for insurance?

Yes we do direct bill Great West Life, Manulife, Sunlife, Blue Cross, Industrial Alliance, Greenshield & Chambers of Commerce. We can also bill some union health coverage plans. It is recommended that you call our office to confirm if we can direct bill your insurance provider as the patient will be responsible at the completion of the exam for any fee we are unable to direct bill.

How long is the comprehensive eye exam?

Please expect to be in the office between 45 minutes to an hour.
You will spend roughly 20 minutes with the doctor, but additional time is required for you to fill out paperwork, update your client file, pre-test, and do extra testing if needed. This also allows you to pick out frames if needed. We want to make sure that you enjoy your experience and don’t feel rushed.

How much do eye exams cost?

Our optometric exams costs $135. This includes a comprehensive eye exam, including a full ocular eye health check, glasses prescription, as well as digital retinal images to look for diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Exams for children below the age of 19 and seniors over the age of 65 are covered by Alberta Health. All medically necessary examinations such as exams for eye infections, emergencies, glaucoma and diabetes are covered by Alberta Health Care for patients of all ages.

What does Alberta Health Care cover?

Alberta Health covers routine eye exams once a year for children 18 & Under & Seniors over 65. All medically necessary and emergency eye appointments are covered by Alberta Health Care for patients of all ages, as well as most follow up testing requested by the doctor.

How long do I have to cancel/reschedule an appointment?

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule. There may be a $50 cancellation fee applied if adequate notice is not provided. Please notify us as early as possible if you know you will not make your scheduled eye exam.

What age do you recommend children to get eye exams?

We recommend annual eye exams for children starting at the age of 6 months, but we can see children at any age if there are health concerns.

What type of medical examinations do you perform?

We perform diabetic exams, glaucoma testing, monitoring for patients on certain systemic medication, foreign body removal, dry eye assessments, visual fields for driver’s exams, health exams for career paperwork. Call for fee schedule.

How far in advance are you booking appointments?

We do accept walk-ins if there are available times. Dr. Keep typically books about 1 week in advance. We always have time available for same day emergency exams.

How often do you recommend eye exams?

Your annual eye exam provides you an updated prescription for glasses but also allows us to check the health of the back of the eyes. Many patients are not aware that disease of the back of the eyes do not always have symptoms, so routine exams are essential for early detection. Eye exams can also detect undiagnosed diseases of the body such as diabetes, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer. We recommend annual eye exams for all ages.

How do post operative exams work?

Post op exams are scheduled by your surgeon’s office. Patients are seen two weeks following cataract surgery. They will be dilated at this examination so they must bring a driver. A second post operative exam will be scheduled for the following month approximately 6 weeks after your surgery. A new prescription for glasses will be provided after this exam. Glasses cannot be updated until 6 weeks after surgery.

What is optical coherence tomography (OCT)?

The OCT takes a high definition scan of the deeper tissues of the retina. It allows us to detect hidden changes to the retina that may cause damage to your vision. We can see changes such as membranes, fluid, deposits hemorrhages etc before they are visible on the surfaces of the retina. It uses light to reflect off the rigid surfaces to create an image.

Do you perform emergency exams?

Yes, we take eye health emergencies very seriously. If you have an eye emergency, call to schedule your appointment to see one of our doctors immediately.

Is my contact lens prescription the same as my glasses prescription?

No. Because the contact lens sits on the surface of your eye, the prescription is different from your eyeglasses prescription. Patients do require a separate contact lens fit in addition to their routine examination for us to be able to provide a contact lens prescription.

How often should retinal photos be taken?

Retinal photos are recommended annually. This establishes a baseline which allows the optometrist to monitor for changes/progression to the optic nerve and retina. We may still need to take photos even if a patient is being monitored regularly by an ophthalmologist.

How long does it take to order contact lenses?

Ordering contact lenses takes 3-5 business days for most brands of lenses. Custom lenses may be up to two weeks.

Will I get a contact lens prescription after my exam?

A contact lens prescription is written after the completion of a contact lens fit, which is not part of the routine exam fee. For existing patients, we waive the fee if we are just updating their existing contact lens to a new prescription.
A contact lens fit can be done following a routine exam if time permits and a follow up appointment may be necessary to ensure there are no adverse reactions to lenses. Your contact lens prescription will be available after the follow up appointment.

Do I need a valid prescription to order contact lenses?

Yes, you must have had an eye exam within 1 year to be able to order contact lenses and you must have a valid contact lens prescription.

I’ve never worn contact lenses, what is the process?

At Vision By Design we schedule a contact lens training for patients that have had a routine eye exam within 1 year. During the training we will teach you how to insert and remove contact lenses, as well as provide information about how to properly care for the lenses. You will receive trial lenses to be able to test comfort and vision of the lenses for 1 week. It is important that you follow up in 1 week to make sure no adverse reactions occurred that may harm the cornea. Patients cannot order contact lenses until after the doctor is able to ensure the lens fits properly on your cornea at the follow up appointment.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a 25% off the purchase of a complete second pair. We also offer various other promotions throughout the year.

Can I get trial contact lenses until my next exam?

We offer trial lenses to patients as a courtesy to replace torn or lost lenses purchased from our office.

Do I need to make an appointment to see the Optician?

No, there is always an optician working while we are open and no appointment is needed.

What is your price range for glasses?

We have single vision glasses starting at $179 and progressive lenses starting at $269 for full sets (lenses & frame). We also carry premium lenses which are completely custom tailored to your eyes and offer superior clarity and comfort. We have many different options available for any budget.

What types of frames do you feature?

We carry many independently owned European designs. We like to focus on more unique collections, in addition to the well known brands like Ray Ban and Maui Jim.

What is the wait time for glasses?

Glasses typically take 10 business days, but we are able to do some options overnight or in 2-5 days.

Do you provide pupillary distance measurements?

We are able to provide a pupillary distance to patients for a fee of $45. If we have measured this in the past it can be provided at no charge.

What is the warranty on glasses?

All frames have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated. There is a 1-2 year warranty on lenses depending on manufacturer & coating. Warranties are available on our frame packages for an additional fee. Glasses are custom made and therefore cannot be returned once they have been ordered, however we do guarantee your satisfaction.