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There are a lot of optometry clinics in Edmonton, but very few vision therapy clinics in Edmonton. We are pleased to offer both!

Dr. Sarah Keep shares valuable information about eyes, eye health, and vision therapy. We are very passionate about improving the eye health of Edmontonians and the public at-large. Feel free to watch these videos here or on our YouTube Channel.

What is the Ask Dr. Keep page all about?

This page is where Dr. Sarah Keep shares her knowledge of optometry, common eye problems, vision therapy treatments and everything you would want to know about eye health. Rather than only publishing our videos on YouTube, we also wanted to make them available for anyone who wanted to learn more about vision therapy & eye health.

Who are these videos for?

At Vision by Design Optometry, we are extremely passionate about helping our clients see better and look great with fashion-forward frame designs. Dr. Keep has dedicated much of her time towards optometric vision therapy in recent years. She has seen first-hand how effective vision therapy is in treating people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury or who may have other forms of visual insufficiencies. These videos are for individuals who are looking for information on eye issues like dry eye or computer eye syndrome. We also share a lot about treatments for myopia, amblyopia, strabismus, and binocular vision insufficiencies. Our goal is to educate clients and potential clients alike.

Is it beneficial for patients to watch these videos?

Yes, especially our vision therapy clients! The vision therapy assessments are quite lengthy and we cover a lot of information during assessments and treatment. By taking a few minutes to watch or listen to a video, can help reinforce the importance of remaining diligent with at-home exercises directed by Dr. Keep.
Optometry patients will also benefit through better understanding of the various services that we offer at Vision by Design. Services include but not limited to: eye makeovers, myopia control, vision therapy, and comprehensive eye examinations. Optimal eye-care for Edmonton is our goal.

Why give away free information?

Because we care! Eyes are often overlooked (pun-intended) when it comes to regular check ups. If we can encourage even one person to visit their eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam, then we have made a difference with our videos. Eye diseases, like glaucoma, have no early symptoms, but can be identified in an exam. We want to prevent vision loss and improve our patient’s vision for enhanced quality of life.

Will I be able to diagnose or treat myself by watching these videos?

Absolutely not! Optometry and vision therapy are highly specialized disciplines and require years of training and practical experience. The videos in the Ask Dr. Keep VLOG are only for information and are in no way instructional how-to videos. You will better understand what your Edmonton optometrist is looking for during a comprehensive eye exam. The videos will also provide a better understanding of vision therapy and who it can help. We want you to gain an understanding of the importance of maintaining healthy eyes and what to do in the event of an emergency or an eye health concern.

What is the most time-efficient way to consume this content?

Everyone is so busy. We do not expect anyone to stop their day to watch our videos about eyes. What is helpful is playing the video and listening while it plays. This can be done in the car while commuting, running errands or on the way to Vision by Design for an eye exam. There are times when we have visual representations of eye tracking issues that make it easier to understand what someone experiences. In these cases, it’s good to take the 10 minutes to watch the video. We cover one topic per video to make it easier to digest, and you can choose what you want to watch. You can also share these videos with friends and loved ones.

Can I request a topic for discussion on Ask Dr. Keep?

Dr. Keep would be more than happy to answer any burning questions you may have about eyes, eye health, vision therapy or other optometry topics. The best way to make a request is through the YouTube channel. Simply make a comment on one of our videos there and we will do our best to create a video covering your suggested topic.

What type of medical examinations do you perform?

We perform diabetic exams, glaucoma testing, monitoring for patients on certain systemic medication, foreign body removal, dry eye assessments, visual fields for driver’s exams, health exams for career paperwork. Call for fee schedule.

Your store is so nice. Why are your videos so bad?

Our videos don’t have a high production value simply because it’s really expensive and time consuming to create really nice videos. We love treating patients not making videos, so we batch shoot several videos at once to optimize our time. In our research, we’ve learned that people connect with videos that look more raw and real as opposed to scripted and sterile. Dr. Keep is actually in the videos, not a paid actor or spokesperson. Our videos serve a couple of purposes. They educate our clients, colleagues and others while at the same time, providing valuable SEO content for our website.

Are you looking for guests on Ask Dr. Keep?

Because our topics are medical and quite technical, we would prefer if a colleague joined us on the videos. We are however, always open to having patients leave us a video testimonial! There is no better way to express your appreciation for us than by telling others about your experience. Simply reach out to us by email and one of our associates will be in touch to hear your story.

How do post operative exams work?

Post op exams are scheduled by your surgeon’s office. Patients are seen two weeks following cataract surgery. They will be dilated at this examination so they must bring a driver. A second post operative exam will be scheduled for the following month approximately 6 weeks after your surgery. A new prescription for glasses will be provided after this exam. Glasses cannot be updated until 6 weeks after surgery.

How do I become a patient?

We are so glad you asked! At Vision by Design, we are always accepting new patients and would love to serve you. There are two ways to schedule an eye exam, through the website or by calling our office. We have great service hours that make it easy for people with kids and busy work schedules to see one of our doctors. Vision therapy patients can only schedule an assessment by phone.