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There are a lot of optometry clinics in Edmonton, but very few vision therapy clinics in Edmonton. We are pleased to offer both!

Dr. Sarah Keep shares valuable information about eyes, eye health, and vision therapy. We are very passionate about improving the eye health of Edmontonians and the public at-large. Feel free to watch these videos here or on our YouTube Channel.

What is the Ask Dr. Keep page all about?

This page is where Dr. Sarah Keep shares her knowledge of optometry, common eye problems, vision therapy treatments and everything you would want to know about eye health. Rather than only publishing our videos on YouTube, we also wanted to make them available for anyone who wanted to learn more about vision therapy & eye health.

How do I become a patient?

We are so glad you asked! At Vision by Design, we are always accepting new patients and would love to serve you. There are two ways to schedule an eye exam, through the website or by calling our office. We have great service hours that make it easy for people with kids and busy work schedules to see one of our doctors. Vision therapy patients can only schedule an assessment by phone.